DIY with bridgelux eb strips


I’ll look for it and check it out! Still getting the forum navigation down.


Click on tag above then scroll down to his topics. Or, I’m sure he’ll be happy to give you pic or two when he sees tag. May even be posted above in this thread.



looks like the sun @Budbrother…lol


@Budbrother. Those are about 45 inches by 1.5 inches aren’t they. What size platform did you use to mount them on. DB had mentioned those to me in a earlier request. My platform area was approximately 13 x 48 inch so I would have gone with 7 strips. I would like to utilize more strips for better coverage. Input is appreciate. Oh did you do the 3000k ? Thank you ! :v::+1::thinking:


His are 560mm x 24mm. So about 22" x 1". They’re available in 1120mm x 24mm, so 44" x 1". Probably what we were discussing.


I used a 1/8” al sheet 24”x18” and 14x 3500k 22” eb’s
I got just under a pound of solid nugs from my first grow using it in my 3’x3’

156g (5.5 Oz) Nugs = 34.5% jarred from 452G @ .71g\w
[excluding the 43.4g (1.53 Oz) trim]

268g (9.45 Oz) Nugs = 37.12% jarred from 695g @ 1.22g\w
[excluding the 68.3g (2.41 Oz) trim]


@dbrn32, @Budbrother, I just checked and the 1120 mm are backordered but I could go with the size Budbrother used since my area of growth is a bit smaller 2x2. With this setup is it wise to use highly reflective mylar ? Thanks you for your input… :thinking::v:


@Budbrother @dbrn32, is this the part # for those strips ( BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-B3 ) ?
Also what driver did you use for these ? Thanks. :thinking::v:


It would be beneficial to have a reflective surface in your area regardless of lights you use, so yes.


Yes that’s correct part number. Driver is meanwell hlg-185h-c700a.


@dbrn32 at your suggestion I reduced the size of my grow area and added reflective mylar with 4 ft. Flourescent fixtures 5000k for bloom and 3000k for flower. I managed a decent harvest, but know I could do better with more beneficial light sources. Your input has taken me to a new level of study on Illumination. Thanks.:+1::sweat_smile::v:


I take it that these can be wired in series ? :thinking:


With that driver and amount of strips series wiring is the only option. Glad i can be of assistance.


Thank you !


Shit I just went in to water and realized I forgot to turn the driver back up. Guess it was a cloudy morning


@Budbrother, what voltage do you run those at and do you have to dim them down and will they work with a timer ? Thanks Bud.


@dbrn32 would this driver ‎1866-2415-ND‎

‎HLG-185H-C700A‎ be overkill for 9 of BXEB-L1120Z-35E4000-C-B3 . I have a 14 inch space by 4 ft length to mount to. Thanks.


That driver won’t run 9 of 1120mm strips in series.


Hey sir!

I am looking for a 2x3 footprint. I finally found these in stock BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-B3

How many would you recommend? Driver?