DIY with bridgelux eb strips


You should be good to go there. Operating voltage on the driver to strip matchup is about perfect. The only place I would consider the voltage high is if you’re poking your finger at the wiring. Don’t do that with light plugged in lol. 195vdc is definitely enough to ruin your day.


If it were me, I’d try with two lights, 28 strips. Running numbers in my head that should put you around proper dli on 12/12. By no means flirting with intensity levels that need co2, but should get you solid buds easily.


If I did 3 lights would that be enough to require CO2 ?


Sounds about right.


I’m running 2 2x2 fixtures with (12) Eb Gen2 3500K 560s ea and using cheap bin chinese sourced drivers and its sufficient for a 4x4 veg set up. I think the meanwell drivers will produce more intensity than what I have built so i would say yes two fixtures would be enough for a 3x6.


What kind of drivers did you pick up? Every time I start to look I get a little frustrated on lack of technical info and quit.


they are no name chinese bin drivers that came out of a blurple fixture


That’s right, sorry I forgot.


I am tossing around thoughts to light a large space 27’x17’. I was thinking using the Bridgelux 1120 strips to make long narrow fixtures. like 12"x96" and put like 12 strips on each fixture. Powered by a mean well HLG-600H-36B dimmable driver??? I would need 22 fixtures to get close to the target light levels…


I really don’t like the cv drivers period, but I would have to go check voltage on that one goes high enough. They’re 39v strips at 700ma. And for a room that big, I’d probably look at double row f series just for ease of use. @Aolelon may have a little more experience there, would be worth running by him if he doesn’t mind.


Looking at the the mean well data i think the HLG-600H-42(A) or (B) would be better.


Sounds right. Again I would recommend going with multiple cc drivers for piece of mind. The higher voltage can be an issue for some as well though. I just don’t trust that E/I curve will be the same on that many strips.


that driver should be able to power closer to 20 of those strips no?


Sounds about right. Depends on current you’re looking to run.


the 1400ma should be a better fit than the 700ma IMO


It won’t run 20 at 1400ma. I’ve only built one using 1120mm and did 700ma. In most cases I don’t recommend over 1050ma. I’m sure they’ll run ok at 1400, but the fiberglass pcb doesn’t seem to shed heat as well as the aluminum pcb’s.


I have a HLG-480H-24A and 8xSI-B8V261560WW wired in series. The strips do not light up.
I changed the wiring to parallel just to see what happened and they light up.
Am I doing something wrong or do I have the wrong driver for the job?


That driver needs to be wired in parallel to work with that amount of strips.


I even just tried 2 in series and nothing…, I guess I’m going parallel. :worried: Unless I return these drivers and order the one I need. What would you recommend? I have 32 of these strips going into a 4x8 tent.


Ya. Any series wired circuit the voltage of everything within the circuit will be additive. That driver doesn’t have the output voltage to run multiple strips in series. Who recommended you get that driver and wire them in series?