DIY with bridgelux eb strips


Sounds good to me.


With 3 qb96 in a 3x6 300watts would t really happen would it? Here’s where I started
For 3x6 I’d need 30ish 560gen2 at $12 each that’s $360 plus driver. 3 of the qb96
With heatsink is $300. 3 of the 288v2 wouldn’t cover 3x6?would it? Idk. 3x6 is the space. I’d love to do strips, but only if they are cheaper than the qb96.


What size eb gen 2? You wouldn’t need 30 1120mm, and the 560’s aren’t $12 each.

I wouldn’t suggest running the 96 over 175 watts. Not saying you can’t, just what looks like makes the most sense to me.

  1. That’s 44inches. I didn’t know they were that long. How many of those for a 3x6 and a part number. I love arrow but the site is shit for my phone. If I don’t run them over 175 wouldn’t it cover a smaller space. Idk. Sorry for all the questions.


the EB GEN2 are much cheaper in the 3500k color like $7/ea for the 560s


Gen 2 - parts indicated (1120mm)


That’s what mine are


@Budbrother posted part numbers below, thanks homie!

You would need exactly half as many 1120mm as you calculated 560mm strips.


Thank you so much @dbrn32 @Budbrother. Looks like a strip build it will be.
So to recap
A 3x6 will need 15 of the 1120-560gen2
Correct? I’m ordering Monday since it’s payday. What driver. I originally like the idea of 3 lights and 2 drivers. But with 44inch strips I don’t think I could.


You should have one driver per fixture, however you do it.

I’m not necessarily sure 1120’s are the best way to go. I was really just questioning the $12 per strip.


Please advise me. What’s the best strip for a 3x6. 560 is 22inches I was thinking 30 would be 3 lights with 22inch strips on them. 2 drivers 1 for 10strips 1 for 20strips. But if three drivers is how I should go so be it.


If you want to do exactly 30 strips for 3 light fixtures 10 strips per hlg-120h-c700a would satisfy that. You’d probably be on bottom end of good with that.

A cheaper alternative would be to do two lights 14 strips each on hlg-185h-c700a.


Another member said qb 132 is available in 3500k. How does price look doing 8 of those on two hlg-240h-c1750’s? I bet it’s a little cheaper.


Will the 2 lights with 14 strips each kick ass in a 3x6. I mean i barley understand 2.5 umol or whatever I read. But if that’s the need for this that’s what I would want. My current grow the nugs are coming in solid as fuck. I would like this to be equal.



Use this part number for 3500k instead.



Thanks @DoobieNoobie. Lol. Hangthebanksters just said that. :hugs:


With 14 strips and the hlg-185 it $156 a light. That’s $312 for a light for a 3x6. The qb 132 are $133 for 4, plus the driver. Close.
Second question(lol millionth) how much is too much. Ie 3 of those 14strip lights in the 3x6 . Would I never go beyond 50%


I run 11 strips on a 1050a driver dimmed a little two times so 22 strips in a 2.5x6.5 space and thing is bright! I think you will like it.


I purchased 10 BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-B3, 10 strips to run on a hlg-120h-c700b. If I am doing it right the strips are running at 19.5 volts which makes the light 195 volts Is that to high. I think the hlg-120h-c700b has a top voltage of 215 volts. Is this right?