DIY with bridgelux eb strips


Those strips aren’t available like that anymore, they’ve been replaced by a second generation. If I was going to build a light for a 2x2 with them right now and wanted dimming o would use something like hlg-120h-c700a with 10 BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-B3.

That would be around a 150 watt light and plenty for 2x2. See if you can get a discount code for signing up on mailing list at arrow electronics. If you can get 10-15% they will be your best bet. But before you order make sure to measure internal dimensions of your tent. You’ll need full 24” to make a 560mm strips work.


@dbrn32 Thanks for the quick response, I am ready to order just waiting for my discount coupon, I have the internal dimensions in my grow box. The only reason I wanted 200watts is because I have been using 2 Mars 300 with about 200watts at the wall,.I know this will be a much better light. My plan is to use separate heat sinks for each strip. Strips wired in series

which driver A or B has the external dimmer leads? I plan on placing my driver outside the box.


If you plan on placing outside of box get the a model. You can just turn the screw on the driver to dim it. That’s easiest if driver is accessible. The b model has external leads, but no big reason to do extra wiring if your driver is easy to get to.

The par per watt on this light will be about twice as high, 200 watts in 2x2 is too much. Plus forward voltage is different on the current generation of strips, so they require different drivers in some cases. I would go with setup I mentioned above without a doubt. Will be everything you’re plants can take in a 2x2.


Thanks for all the great help, Order has been placed. Can’t wait to finish this grow to start with the new light.


No problem! Keep me posted on how things go, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.


@dbrn32 I want to do a 2x6 tent with 15 560s and 10 reds- red Cree (for more Emerson). Seem like enough for that space? What driver would I want?


You should look up more on Emerson effect. Doesn’t really play that much of a role under high intensity lighting. Not enough to justify 1.5-1 ratio anyway. Like 4 would be enough.

Whatever you decide I would need voltage and current data for whichever strips you plan on using. Hlg-185h-c700a will run 14 560 eb gen 2 though. That alone wouldn’t be enough for 2x6 though.


I was just thinking that growmaus and hlg have them on there new lights so why not add them. How many do I need then? 560 eb gen2 bridglux yes. I was also thinking 3 more 288v2s. Or 3 qb96(would that Be enough of those) @dbrn32 @Aolelon


And can you run one 288v2 on the same driver as 3. I mean to Use one until you need all 3. @dbrn32


I have two 2x2 fixtures equipped with 12 bridgelux eb2 560 ea. with similar drivers in a 4x4 veg tent. Fire set up 4 sure.


I haven’t been paying very close attention to this thread even though I’ve been watching and reading, because I’m using COBs. You know enough about my situation to know what I can do. I have the money to build the mother of all veg lights if you’re willing to help. As I said earlier on the DIY thread, I need a light that’s as high up in the room as possible to keep from bending down as much as possible. I could start a new thread about building an ergonomic light hahaha.


Yup, but not at that kind of ratio.


Glad they are doing well for you!


Maybe I was confused. You’re replacing cobs in flower section or still using the cobs to flower?


The ChiLed logic puck is the flowering light from now on. If you think the light I built already can veg as good without adding some interesting other stuff, I’ll stick with just COBs and might add some blue COBs just to see… I can hold a plant that looks like a 2ft berry Bush in veg for many months with 6500k. Either way, I need about 600 watts for the veg room. I always grow 2-3 autos in there also, so they have their own little space. I’ll just build 150 watt fixture for them separately.


@dbrn32 would 3 qb96 cover a 3x6? I called they said they easily cover a 2.5x2.5 and what “special” is that you can drive them over 300watts. What does that mean? It ups the intensity of light? Or increases footprint? Also if I want to use just one could i unwire(or switch off) 2
Of the lights. It’s just that the way the plant s grow 1 lights enough until you need 2 then 3. Or
Should I buy 2 drivers. One driver for one light one driver for the other 2? Sorry if that’s a lot. I mean the to put this on the diy. Whoops


Coverage is just going to be in amount of light it emits. It emits enough light to maintain intensity up to a 30” x 30” area. You should probably double check the operating current. 300 watts is max right, and that needs a fan on the pin sink I believe.

You could probably find something that would run one or two units. But not sure it would be at the power level you’re talking.


The said you’d need a fan above 300. But why would I go that high. I was thinking 3 in a 2x6 dimmed down to 80% like I run the 288 would work great and buy 2 drivers. They claimed all the reds they added increase harvest also.


I looked at them for Otto and suggested 2100ma. Not having seen them in person, I could have my mind changed. But I have built with those exact heatsinks before, and sink temps were running 55c with 80 watt cobs on them. Those boards are no doubt more efficient, but they’re not going to be a lot more efficient at a lot higher power.


In a closet modified for a grow in Denver the heat should not be an issue. Imo.
Also while on the phone hlg said they have an eod far red light releasing on amazon in a week or 2. It has a sensor so when the lights turn off it runs for x amount of time.