DIY with bridgelux eb strips


Did you use that double sided thermal adhesive for the strips?


That’s the plan. Paste for the far red. The pic is just a rough lay out


So I did this, this is so bright! Thanks @dbrn32

Two fixtures with 11 560mm eb gen 2 3500k strips drived at 1050ma.


Very nice!


Any time bro!


love it! my next lights will be smaller like these…great job!
1120mm strips are great and all but the 560mm just seem more versitile…


Very nice! Welcome to the club.


That looks great! Are you going to be using them for flowering? How big is the area?

Btw, I found ILGM when googling for autopot grow journals. It was yours that brought me here. Have to say thank you.


Glad it did!!! I will use these light for clone or seed to harvest :slight_smile: two or 3 plant scrog in a 30"x78" space.


They are 20x30 fixtures also. Driving almost 300w each on full blast


Almost went with 4 footers but decided with dbrn32 it was best with 560mms


lights up. Room has so much light. 560s and far red!!!


Thank you @dbrn32 for this very fine thread on lighting builds. I skimmed thru but going to go back and read thru it all very slow and get me a material list together, going to build my own lights for my 5x5 tent. I only grow 3 plants in that one and would like to build 3 lights with potentiometers. Seed to Harvest. Question - what do you do with all those lights you build? What was the logo someone mentioned in this thread? Also ILGM has a valuable asset with you, teaching others how to build lights.


Good questions! I’m assuming the logo you’re talking about is from the stickers I had made. As far as the lights go, a few of them have been builds for people local to me, I have a couple, and there’s a couple in the hands of other Bergman’s lab members. Good chance if you see those stickers there’s a diy light I helped with in some capacity. A little more difficult here to do things like that and still abide by site rules.


I understand, thx for all the information you post, Based upon all the information in this thread, I should be able to put together a nice light in the near future.


Awesome! When you’re ready I’m happy to help.


I have dicided on using the Bridgelux strips on my 2x2 build. I am going to copy your 2x2 build from “Let’s talk DIY lights dbrn32, post:30, topic:13186”.I plan on using 8 560mm strips and a hlg-185-1050 driver. From your Post “The 1050ma driver has a max voltage of 190. The increase in current will raise our fv of the strip a little. Off the top of my head, I think it’s about 23v. I feel confident enough in that number at this time. So doing the math, 23v x 1050ma= 24 watts x 8 strips= 192 watts”.

What 560mm strip should I use for 3500k, also can I use that driver to dim the light?

Thanks for all the help with the hundreds of execelent posts. Is Digikey the best place to purchase these items


New plan(edit lol) . 2 a lights for a 13x4. 60x 560strips and red leds enough for Emerson effect 20maybe? That’s 15 per light. What driver for all 60 and the reds what driver to do 30 and 5


what size are the panels going to be


Edit- 2 x 104”x 18”