DIY with bridgelux eb strips


Nice, thanks! :fist:


I feel like same would be said the opposite way then. 5’ light over 5’ area you’d be putting more light than needed into wall and walkway.

I don’t really care how you do it, just providing some feedback.


I just don’t want to have not enough light so my design may very well be overkill.
I want it to be efficient but I don’t want to under provide for the plants. I will be using co2 so I know that you need allot of light to make the co2 viable.

If you guys have the time I would love to know what your designs would be for my space.


I’m just getting started myself so I’m not much help. Just lots of research and acquiring parts. Dbrn32 is a great source of info on lighting. There’s several other people here that have experience in larger scale grows. I would read up more as that big of a grow isn’t going to be easy.


If it were me, I’d probably knock them down to 4’ tables and not have to try and navigate a 12” space. From there you’re looking at 20 square feet per, and a ppf per of 2000 umols per second to make it worth while for co2.

Running f series at test current that’s about 800 watts per 4x5.


Or I could just make the room bigger. :laughing:
Still allot to think about before I pull the trigger on anything.


Definitely make it work for you. Another thing that kinda breaks my heart to say, you’re playing in a range where de gavita’s may not be a bad choice. They’re not as good as running the led tech you’re looking at. But still pretty darn good, and cheaper, and won’t have to be built.


@$180, Approximate final cost for the project, 1 fixture. You make it look and sound so easy. I know its really not. Great job. Great build. Great reading man.:sunglasses:


I will tell you it looks more difficult than it is. I’m sure everyone that’s looked over and finally decided to build one would likely agree. I know there’s at least 4 women here that have either built from scratch or assembled their light from a kit. It’s possible they’re exceptional, because they’re all great growers. But I don’t feel like it unreasonable that they completed them with very little help.


If you can glue macaroni to paper you can assemble these lights.


So far I’ve found my diy builds to be straightforward and fairly simple. That being said I’ve got a lot of experience building things and working with my hands.


I agree with the ease of DIY. It does seem super complicated when you first jump into it, with voltages, currents and all these different number, but once you have what you need, the build is really as hard or as complicated as you make it.
You can throw some strips on a baking sheet and call it good. Or you can make sure everything looks nice and tidy which will increase difficulty or time, but you have a nice looking build. Either way, looking like crap, or looking like a top notch light. They will grow some buds(granted you’re using proper lighting)


I just picked up 27 Bridgelux BXEBL0560Z35E2000CB3 strips for $6.70 a piece!!!


That was the norm a few months ago. Arrow even ran a 30% off prices like that in July. Kinda glad I drained the lighting account on it.


I’ll have 4 180 Watt 2’x2’ fixures in addition to the 600hlg and 550 hlg. Shees I have the sq footage but lacking the vegetation now! Looking at 105 sqft outdoor in greenhouse augmented with 3500K bridgelux and 48 sqft indoors with the HLG fixures…


That should be fun!


still well within the hobbyist or should I say craft level grow…


Youre right! I had a tent set up a few years back when i knew nothing. Burned everything with heat. 10000 watt metal halide. 2 bulbs. 1 veg, 1 flower. If I was to do it again, everything would be way different. Maybe after the holidays when cash loosens up. Definitely interested. @dbrn32. Trying to get a bigger place. Thanks man.

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560 and far red light!


I Dropped a strip on the concrete floor. It’s fine. It’s plastic. Let’s see you do that hid users😝