DIY vs Kingbrite or Meiju

I’m driving myself crazy with lighting information overload!

I’m leaning towards QB leds, specifically either the Meiju or kingbrite from alibaba.

Then I read about the hlg 132s and it looks like I could build those for about the same price as the other two.

Are there other diy options that would either work better or be the same but cheaper? I started the diy thread but it’s huge.

I started a new grow room thread so depending on how that goes I still don’t know how much I need.

My initial plan was to do a 4’x8’ flower room and a 4x6 veg. I was thinking of ordering 5 of the Meiju 240 watt lights to start.

Also, right now I can legally only have 6 mature plants and 6 immature. We can double that if my wife gets her card.

I’m also wanting to start doing this commercially so I want to start off right and not buy things two or three times. Thanks!

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@dbrn32 this is the light thread I mentioned. Thanks!


I think you should nail down what you’re doing for a grow space. That will determine what you need for light, and we can look at what makes sense from there.


The hlg would be great if you went one per plant. I am sure price wise @dbrn32 will suggest using a light with a larger coverage area.