DIY True High Pressure Aeroponic System for $300

Hi everyone. This is my first post so bare with me because I am still learning. I have built a High Pressure Aeroponic System that I would like to share with everyone. I have been doing some research on grow systems and I decided that this one seemed to be the best. I got most of my information from 2 websites. and This is a true high pressure system that will create the 5 to 50 micron droplets that are required for optimal root penetration.

A SCROG assembly was also built on top to train the plants. Also the system was put in a tub with wheels just in case of leaks and to move it around easily. This unit is portable if the need arise. I decided to use a cooler to better control the temperature of the root chamber. It also is better at eliminating any light.

The main part of the system is the pump. It pulls water out of the bottom of the cooler and pumps it through the lines and misters. What is not absorbed by the roots is returned to the bottom of the cooler and reused.

The water flows through a pressure gage, which is optional, then flows into the root chamber.

Inside the chamber there are 6 misters. 3 on each side and 2 on the bottom. I put an air stone in the bottom to oxygenate the water in the bottom. The filter is a 50 micron bag that was folded over 4 times.

Inside the root chamber I have put chicken wire so I can train the roots as they grow. I will weave the roots in the chicken wire so the bottom misters will spray up into the inside of the root. The other misters will spray the outside of the root to give a full 360 degree coverage inside and out. I also have a remote temperature sensor to regulate the root chamber if needed.

The parts lists is below if you want to build one. It cost about $300. They claim faster grows and bigger yields with this type of system. So we will see. I am germinating some gold leaf that I got from I love growing marijuana so I will put them in this system when they are ready. I will also start a separate grow journal when I start with a comparable dirt grow with same type of seeds. I wonder who will win???

Parts List - Cost-Source

  1. Medium Cooler (Used from Salvation Army) $ 5.00 Used
  2. AquaTec Pump 8800 W/transformer $105.00 E-bay
  3. Short Cycle Timer $ 30.00 E-bay
  4. Pressure Gage (200 psi) $ 8.00 Menards
  5. Brass T ¼ D x ¼ ID x ¼ ID $ 8.50 Menards
  6. (2)Plastic ¼ male 3/8 barb fitting $ 3.00 Menards
  7. Air pump, tubing, air stone $ 10.00 Walmart
  8. 3/8 OD Hard Plastic Tubing (2ft) $ 1.00 Hardware
  9. ¼ OD Hard Plastic Tubing (8ft) $ 2.00 Hardware
  10. (8) 1/4" ( Quick Connect ) 10/24 Misting Nozzle Tee $ 17.00 E-bay
  11. (8) 10/24 UNC 00012” Misters $ 5.00 E-bay
  12. Neeshow 1/4" OD Quick Connect Push
    Water Tube Fitting Set Of 20 $ 13.00 E-bay
  13. (12) Clamps for Electrical wire $ 3.00 Hardware
  14. (3) ½” x 10ft PVC PIPE $ 6.00 Lowes
  15. (6) L-Joint for ½ PVC $ 4.00 Lowes
  16. (8) T-Joint for ½ PVC $ 5.00 Lowes
  17. (8) Couplers for ½ PVC $ 5.00 Lowes
  18. (4) Caps for ½ PVC $ 2.00 Lowes
  19. (2) Clamp for ½ “ Pipe $ 3.50 Lowes
  20. Roll of Chicken wire $ 5.00 Menards
  21. Indoor/Outdoor Thermostat $ 16.00 Menards
  22. Wire ties $ 4.00 Hardware
  23. Screws Drywall 1 ¼ “ $ 4.50 Hardware
  24. (2) Hose clamps (small) $ 3.00 Auto Zone
  25. Screws Small (for wire clamps) $ 1.00 Walmart
  26. 3” round saw $ 16.00 Hardware
  27. 50 Micron Filter Bag $ 9.00 E-bay

Happy Growing


Are you keeping it in a tent or just a room with daylight?

Definitely tag me in the journal that you start!!!
No seriously, so interested
You da man @MAXHeadRoom

This will be grown in a room in my basement. Which I still need to build. when you first start out growing there are so many things to do and design. I Live in Michigan and we can grow 12 plants with a medical marijuana card. So I want it big enough for that, probably 6x6 or 6x8. I will just be growing 2 in the aeroponics and 2 to 4 in soil for comparison depending on germination rate for now, to see how it goes. I have 10 Gold leaf germinating right now. If all pop I guess some will have to go outside. Happy growing

I live in Michigan too man I might end up trying to buy one of those systems off of you lol I’ll be watching the grow

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What town? I’m in Battle Creek

I’m in Troy that’s not too far from ya

My parents use to live there so I know the area. Do you have your MMM card? 9 of 10 ILGM Gold Leaf popped so I will put 2, with the longest tails, in rockwool and the rest in soil. Then wait for the girls to show their heads. I will Then start a separate grow journal. Happy Growing

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We went the caregiver route I’ll keep an eye out for the journal Gold Leaf has really good reviews happy growing man!

We have one shop in BC that I could have gone that way but I am more of the DIYer. Initial cost is getting to be in the thousands though. No turning back now. To much invested. Maybe someday I can be your caregiver lol


This looks epic. Defo tag me in.

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What does Defo mean.


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@Nug-bug Do you still want me to tag you on this aeroponics grow? Im getting the pictures around to post pretty soon. Defo? lol


Sure do , love to follow Along

OK your in

I’m still waiting to see this in action:)


Its already going. I can’t get my camera to work to give you pictures. Im working on it

Don’t worry I’m following so when ever you post it I’ll get a notification

Are you MacGyver’s son? If I saw that out side of this forum I would have called the bomb squad.

How much actual fluid do you keep in there? I want to see the misting action at work.

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