DIY TRUE aeroponic cloner


He’s making more $hit to move lol @MAXHeadRoom.

I can see mrs. covertgrower getting new furniture in the near future haha. Won’t be room to take it with.


@dbrn32 the grow totes also work as moving totes… got ya there! Lol.
Furniture we won’t take, it’s old, and newer is better anyways right?


Newer is better on everything except the bank account for sure.


Thanks for the laugh. :rofl: That is something I was thinking about the other day. The cost of moving something from AK to MI vs buying new when you get here.

I keep forgetting you are moving to my backdoor. When is the big move anyway?


@MAXHeadRoom around September, but Mrs. Covertgrower says it might be sooner, there are a few variables in play. The grow not included at all.
@dbrn32 the cost of new furniture compared to the cost of moving it, is waay cheaper. At least that far.


I’m sure bro, just messing with you really. It takes my wife 3 full size suitcases for 4 nights in Vegas lol. It would take a small army to move us across town.


I can take a good razzing @dbrn32
I am that small army in this case… I have a lot of work to do. I’m going to start the moving process here soon… so I can stay ahead.


I was chatting with my dad recently about my plan to move to WA within 5 years. He said “it’s easier to move cash than stuff” :nerd_face: Wise words and my move won’t be nearly as far as yours.


At this moment… I would have to say rdwc is alot less hassle , as it seems so far… :wink:
To many variables with these systems… (ie) too many things to go wrong… :wink:

I’ve got my fingers crossed for all of you tho… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


@peachfuzz I think there are just as many variables in DWC as aeroponic growing. Pumps, timers, lines and power outages could all fail.
The only thing I would be most concerned with is the main pump. It’s a commercial pump used in many applications, so I feel pretty comfortable with it. It has the same variable as a air pump for you. I also am not sure how much longer the plants could drown with out air to the roots.
This is just my insight and thoughts. DWC is a invaluable way of growing, it has its place and won’t be disappearing any time soon. This is where I would end up, if this set up failed.


No negativetis on my end … just concerned… :wink:
I might not agree with some of the things you have said… :wink:
There’s tricks to every set up… :wink:
The fine tuning that go’s into this kind of set up is pretty major… I seem to grow with alot less headaches… I’m pretty sure… Atleast it looks that way… :wink:

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@merlin44 I think this is what you’re looking for. :wink: ask away. I was kind of copying the low pressure EZ cloner. I was unsatisfied with that style so I made my own. They also wouldn’t ship to AK.


Do you put a lid over top or just leave it???


@Lostscuba there’s no lid over the cuttings/plants. There is a lid over the top of the sprayers.


You went full out mine I made is only dwc I didn’t put that in there but I bet it works good