DIY TRUE aeroponic cloner


So when it drains back into the tub, it gets pumped back to the misters?


@Bogleg correct. The pump is remote mounted, it’s a non-submersible.


looks like ya are having fun.


@Flyr @Flat.Foot @Mikos @MacGyverStoner


Looks awesome!

Any filters or other mechanisms to prevent clogging?

This is the biggest problem it seems with fine misters over time in aeroponics, it might be why many of the systems you saw didn’t really mist as you mentioned.

Happy growing and good luck with this system, awesome build and details for those that want to DIY it.



Thanks for that it has given me ideas and i have alot of the parts already as am going to do a dripper system once my new equipment comes and when i have decided on what brand of nutrients am going to use. Any other projects or that plz @ me i love seeing all the D.I.Y stuff it helps me out when i want to do or try something and not sure how i go looking for how to videos. U should do one my friend.


@Covertgrower thanks for the invite. This is really dope. Hope it works out for ya! Stoked yo see this once ya get it tuned in :sunglasses::sunglasses:


@MacGyverStoner I do have a filtering set up to be installed when it goes into serious use to keep
the chunks out. I circulated clean water with no nutrients for demonstration. My next project will be similar to this but on a larger scale. Similar to @MAXHeadRoom’s aeroponic grow. I’ll be putting this to use very soon. Thanks for stopping by.

@Mikos awesome. I have a another project coming, I’ll be sure to tag you. Like this one on a larger scale.

@Flat.Foot I’ll be putting this to use very shortly. Waiting on some rapid rooter plugs in shipment.


@Covertgrower, that is way cool dude. I love it. I broke down and used an off the shelf set-up. It doesn’t hold a candle to yours.

I’m turning the page here on you @Covertgrower. Weren’t you asking about the capacity and functionality of a dual hose portable A/C? Well I have a portable unit and the first true test was a couple days ago with outside temps in the 90’s here in Texas. I am running two hot ass lights three fans and one a/c. Well it was 91 in the veg room yesterday. That’s with the units thermostat down to 62. Now remember my room is 7’ X 5’ in size. Thought I’d tell you… I only have a 12,000 BTU unit, I’d go bigger if you could afford it. Just thought you should know.


Very well done Sir. I bought that same pump but mine did not work and they refunded my money.
Buy an extra pack of the brass misters. They will eventually clog and will need to be replaced. To unclog them just blow compressed air backwards through the nozzles.
Of course you will have to buy nutes that are specifically designed for aeroponics systems, organic nutes will not work.
You will also need a timer to turn your pump on and off.

Tag me if you have any questions


Thanks @MAXHeadRoom I purchased about 30 extra nozzles. I did find some nutrients that are campatable for hydroponic use. Although nobody on here uses this brand. I have two timers one for each system. The pump is working good for now, but if it fails I’ll go with the the one you have for growing with. I purchased a shurflo pump for my main grow. Its flow rate is higher 1.5 GPM but same pressure. Good call on the air compressor thanks for that trick. I’ll keep you posted. I have some more assembling to do.


If you are looking for a wifi enabled timer with an iphone/android app I found one that looks really promising and is priced right:

That will let you do intervals as short as one minute - dunno if you go shorter than a minute in aeroponics or not.


@MAXHeadRoom reminds me of doing routine carb cleanings on the kids dirtbikes lol. I wore out a few sets of torch tip cleaners as well.


lol, old guitar strings work well too…


Thanks for the tip. Most true high pressure units will need a timer that will mist for a few sec on and then off time in minutes. And I dont even own a smart phone. Me a dummy. lol

But that reminds me to ask @Covertgrower what on/off times are you running?


@MAXHeadRoom I don’t have any plants to put in just yet, but during testing, I had it set for 10 seconds on 1 minute off.
This will change according to plants growth stages also. Clones will need more moisture, so I think 10 seconds on 1 minute off would be great. I’ll have to try that.
Seedlings and clones with roots established I think 10 seconds on 5 minutes off depending on their maturity… possibly longer inbetween, no need for drowning… I’ll have to see how they react.
Do you have any insight on the spraying intervals so I can get maybe a baseline?


The whole trick to setting up your timer is not to cause your mist to form big drops that will fall to the bottom of your unit. The mist should stick to your roots and then the water and nutrients are absorbed. If your on time is to great, then the mist will collect and cause bigger drops to form and then fall off your roots due to gravity. So set the on time to get your roots wet without forming drops.

The off time is actually trickier then the on time. My first 2 grows I had my off time to short and when you have a big root ball, it will hold a lot of water and cause root rot after a while.
So you need to let your roots dry out or absorb the water before the next spraying.

Right now my on/off times are 5 seconds on, 30 minutes off.


That makes sense @MAXHeadRoom much appreciated. So I’ll set my off time windows accordingly to that, and make adjustments from there. I’ll keep you posted. New thread coming soon, I did some building last night.


What are you making now?


Grow boxes to go with the cloner of course… @MAXHeadRoom :smile: you shouldn’t have one with out the other…