Diy trimmer? Any thoughts

Ok I got a salad bowl trimmer it’s cool and saves my hands from cramps because of the scissors and it takes a very long time. With that being said I was checking things out and seeing 400 dollar box fans with blades on it and basically its a 20 dollar fan at Wal-Mart. Then i see these 2000 dollar one with zest blades on it like what a bartender or chef would use. The one i like the most is the eztrim wander it’s a drimel with a rotary head that can hook up to a shop vac. But it’s 1500 dollars.
I thought with the people on here that we could out do NASA.:joy::joy: That im sure that if we tried we could come up with something that is affordable and actually works. Also i see things that are used for food and regular gardening having their names changed to have something to do with marijuana and it’s 4 times the price.
Just thoughts and i can’t be the only one thinking this. So let’s get some idea’s going and see what happens thanks for your time and i hope something cool comes out of this…

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This is the one i use

Much cheaper than the 1500$ you mentioned lol
And agree it save me all the cramps lol
Hand trimming is fine for thise who grow two or three plants
But when you have more it can become a daunting task to trim it all up by hand

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I have the 16 inch one i like it too

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What about the trimbag

I don’t know how that is put together but the video i saw was a guy shaking the crap out of his nugs and i don’t know about the 400 dollar price tag also i have never used one either

I was thinking about grafting a white widow on to a hop vine to make some good beer next spring so i went into a home brew supply place and got more idea’s of using stuff meant for hops that could make life easier for every body here.
That got me looking at the trimmers and a idea about a bud washing machine/station and the start of this thread.

Ah I didn’t realize it was 400$ for that. I would have thought it would have been around 100$.

Oh yeah that’s why i thought this would be a good thread @Aolelon