Diy scrog question

What should the spacing be on the net? 2x2? 3x3?

i would go with the 2x2, more holes for tops.!
3x3 would probably be easier to use tho.!!

Either will work.

I do 4x4 but I tie mine down on top. The opening is basically for the plant to get through where at that point you force it to grow horizontal.

@Grandaddy013 I’m not getting it. Do you have a picture to show

I prefer 3x3 inch squares or else you run the risk of running colas too close together. I’ve ran both and prefer 3x3” squares personally :v:


I have 2.5” holes, and you have to know how to trim or maneuver for final bud placement; or as Matt says, you’ll run the risk of overcrowding the screen.
Some pix to give you the idea.




Once the plant grows through the screen approximately 8", I super crop them over and tie them down. I keep tying them down as they get longer. When the screen is about 60% or so full, I flip the lights. I continue tying them down until pistils appear. I did 4x4 nets, and 4" spacing worked out good for me.


Nice super cropping :clap:. One day I’ll be brave enough to try that :wink:


It was scary at first, but the girls love it


I’m sure :wink:. Most of them do!

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Those are some nice buds in that other picture. You look like you’re pretty far along

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I’ve harvested those first part of November. Had an issue with root rot. Now I have a chiller to prevent that.


Oh yes I do remember when you posted your Harvest. You still got a nice haul out of it.

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Bigger is better imho but it does take a little longer to fill up :+1: