DIY Rosin Press


@Bogleg if I remember correctly that is partly how this topic got started. There is another thread about DIY vape juice that I will try to link. But in that thread it was brought up that vape juice is made best with a “purer” concentrate than just flower. Meaning getting as much plant matter out, that morphed into how to get a concentrate in a safe manner without harsh chemicals or potentially blowing up your house (ie: bubble hash), and voila this thread.

There is a video too on using the PG/VG which I have done and is not hard.




Do you shake yours out into kief first to do it right from flower @Hogmaster? I can’t remember how you did those.


@Countryboyjvd1971. The sandwich maker arrived today but it’s going right back unfortunately. Even though the plates are flat which is what I was looking for, there is a large space between the top and the bottom plates (to allow for the bread I suppose) but won’t work for what I need. So the search continues. Sigh!


Sorry @Myfriendis410 i had mine ill post a picture tonight
Look up pollen press on Amazon

I actually have one of these as well works great
The one i made is 1 inch tho


@AnneBonny just saw the post did it work out fir you ?
Just saw your post about sending back

Maybe like @bob31 mentioned earlier in thread one of theses would be best to would worry about pressure on the case if ising a clamp
@Hogmaster actually used to press his with one
But for 35$ Or so


Wally World 20 bucks and it sucked


Yup that was my next purchase. @Countryboyjvd1971 I tried it using bubble hash but I got nothing. It just flattened the hash and heated it up. I think because there was no pressure. We were in The Depot the other day and I had my husband take me to where the clamps are to see what might work but I would think the clamps would crack the outside of the flat iron. I didn’t get one but I’m sort of at the point of no guts, no glory so I may just give it a try.


I think maybe i would use this style clamp

You squeeze trigger to load clamp so i dont think you can over squeeze it ?
With bubble hash you need to use a filter bags and prepress it in my experience also low temps longer press times with the hash


@Countryboyjvd1971 the first time I did it I put the hash in an unbleached coffee filter as I thought that’s what I had seen on YouTube and then put that in the parchment paper but it looked like what ever I extracted was sucked into the coffee filter paper. It looked oily. So the next try I did without the coffee filter thinking it would ooze out onto the parchment paper. That time I got nothing. They had that type of clamp so maybe I will swing into the depot on my way home from work.


@AnneBonny I tried the same early on couldn’t get them to work myself it just soaked up all the rosin ??
Ill find and post a picture of the screens i use
I cut them down and make bags

Try prepressing your bud in your pollen press
And press that puck with out a screen or bag at 145-155 degrees fir 1 min or so


Thanks CB. I will give that a try and see. Appreciate it @Countryboyjvd1971


Anytime @AnneBonny let me know how you make out
Just seems it takes me a but to circle back lol


Can I use this item for my pollen catcher on my grinder? @Countryboyjvd1971 I have kief in real fine powder form… would that make pucks of kief?


Yeas sir it will that actually what its meant for my friend @Zombo


Thanks :+1: @Countryboyjvd1971


So today was the day I pressed my bubble hash and tried for some rosin. You can see in the end result the first, more pure run is golden and the next is more green. So here we go…


I am using the titan pollen press I got for Christmas and it works great @Zombo

This is the less pure hash that is more green.

I didn’t roll the inner copper piece too far down for the first one.

Fill it up, put the second copper piece on then cap it and twist until you can’t twist anymore. I saw in one of the videos I watched to put a light coat of olive oil on each copper piece to help with an easier release of the hash and it worked like a charm.

and voila!

So from the 2nd run hash I got 4 grams of pressed.

On the more pure hash I got 2 grams.

Look at the color difference…

So now on to rosin extraction. I would say it was a success, just not a huge (in volume) success. Here is the set up.

I wasn’t going to use the coffee filter again as I felt is sucked up the rosin but I thought I should have something in there so I disassembled a tea bag and used that. Not something I will do again. The result wasn’t that great.

Lowest the temp would go.

As you can see not a huge amount. Next run was just in the parchment paper which yielded a little bit more.

But not enough to register anything. Scraping it up was a pain as it was more oily then what I’ve seen in the videos. It was sort of like a putty but more loose. I pressed two grams of hash puck and this is what I got. My husband wasn’t impressed with the results I got for my efforts but I plan to use this to make vape juice so I don’t need a huge amount, but I do need at least a gram. I saved a container from some wax I got at the dispensary to store it in.

I had some other things to do this afternoon so stopped there but I will do the rest of the hash and see where that gets me. @Countryboyjvd1971 you were correct that it worked better using the pre-pressed hash instead of loose like I first tried.

@bob31 Did you try yours with the flat iron yet? Were you more successful?


Great post and pics, thx for the product knowledge as well… titan press, gonna go to amazon and check out @AnneBonny


I haven’t yet @AnneBonny you know you can press those a couple of three times to get all the rosen out. It could be that you need to press a little longer or with lower temps? Id have to go back and read through but I would probably only press lesser amounts meaning I think that is too much kief to try and press at once? I could be wrong but seems to me…



You need to put your key in bags your 120 to 60 µm. If you’re just using a flat iron I would suggest just doing but you want to pack them down into a puck and press it !!! What’s the temp it may be to hot to press keif too