DIY Rosin Press


@Myfriendis410 the first set of plates dont have heaters they are just plates i saw
If you have all the tools i dont think id be to hard to make one at all
A bearing presss is great you’ll definitely have enough pressure thats for sure
I was just thinking along the lines of what i have available to me when i posted
I actually love my press and dont need to replace it
I just get the bug to build lol
200 degrees is a little hot fir pressing also Myfriendis410
160 ish for flower


That pid controller @dbrn32 linked for $37 along with 4 100 watt heaters. Amazon has 6" square plates 6061 3/4" thick. $16 each.


Awesome sauce @Myfriendis410
More better lol :joy:


Apparently the right person is on the job!

Did you happen to verify that the controller and relay will handle all of the heating elements?


Nah, because I will use a variac and do it manually.


Sounds good! I just wanted to make sure because I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into sizing of heaters or controller.


@Countryboyjvd1971 says 160° F is perfect for flower so I think 4 of those heaters will do it.

I like those because they’re easy to install. Drill the right sized hole and shove it in with thermal grease.


I stopped at the store but they had every small appliance except that. I was thinking of trying my log George Foreman grill but it not flat like you mentioned. I will keep looking though. @Countryboyjvd1971


@AnneBonny dis you find anything yet ?
I was lolking around saw this and thought of this thread
Bot sure how well it would work but this one comes with different plates
Tenp control may be a issue


Ill share Another little tip for all of you new to rosin pressing
Prepressing your product helps with yield
I use a 1 inch die and my body wieght to prepress my starting product then put into rosin press
And all bud does press a bit differently so a initial test run is need to dial it in when trying a new strain

Woohoo i dont wieght it before but if i had to guess its 2-3 grams of bud there and about a gram of rosin on parchment
@bob31 @AnneBonny @M4ur @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410
I also do fresh pressing i let plants hang and air dry for about 4-5 days then press heres the color of that end product
It super tasty too


That is freaking awesome my friend :+1:… A lot of resin from let’s say 3g :joy:.
Also, I’m everywhere (I guess) so no need to tag me :joy:


Lol it probably closer to 1 gram of rosin @M4ur but I last a while ill snoke a gram of rosin every two to three days
I wanted to make sure you saw it


Thx… No problem at all my friend… It’s a heads up for my… :drooling_face:


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971. I haven’t gotten anything yet. I looked briefly before the holidays and then it got pushed to the back burner. So based on your next post you press right from buds? For some reason I had it in my head that I had to shake it out into kief first. But that’s sweet info right there. I’ve been curing my harvest for a bout a week but I might need to test this out. Thx.


I actually do both @AnneBonny
I actually do both and get better return from kief
But sometimes im hust lazy and dont feel like processing the bud into kief hahahah
But tou can definitely do it either way


What would someone look for when trying to buy a puck forming tool? Where can they be found? Or is it something you made?


how is rosin on the lungs @Countryboyjvd1971?
i’m copd and cannot do the super expanding smoke! lol


@Myfriendis410. I got this one for Christmas. Santa rocks!

I haven’t used it yet though. Waiting for harvest to cure.


So I just placed my order for this one @Countryboyjvd1971

It’s the only one I could find with flat plates that wasn’t too expensive. I was hoping they would have it at my local Walmart so I could actually see it but they didn’t have it. I’m not willing to sacrifice my hair flat iron and this was actually less expensive than a cheap flat iron anyway, so we’ll see. Obviously I won’t get the press like you do. It won’t get here until Wednesday so I’ll keep you posted on how it works.


Would using a rosin press be something I would want to do with bubble hash?

I’m a vaper and really would like to find an easy way to make good vape juice I can run in my mod. I tried Robert’s method using alcohol and it’s so-so… takes a lot of vaping to be effective (which, if you like to vape a lot, might be perfect for you). I would love something like the O.pen vape cartridges you can get at a dispensary as far as strength, but in a PG/VG format I can run in my mod…