DIY Rosin Press


Hey @bob31 tbis is a interesting thread my friend
I would be careful using a vise on any of the hair irons
You be buy a flat iron once a week hahaha
Youll most likely crack the plastic case before you achive your desired pressure
Just my thoughts
Now yhe do sell heat plate that mount to vise they have temp controls and all
That would be a good option imo
It would still cost a few hundred but will last longer
@Hogmaster and i have worked on press temperatures and time i find twmos around 140-150 30-40 seconds to be good for kief or hash and temps about 160 40-60 seconds to be better with flower
Also the flower your pressing makes alot of difference as well to dry to wet both have draw backs
I find flower around 55% humidity range presses best
If i can assist let me know woohoo time yo load tosin pen and get medicated lol
Happy growing and pressing all :v:️ CB


Made me laugh, but I’m not sure I follow what you’re saying? Out of likes too


@Countryboyjvd1971 with a solid point there.

I would also caution anyone to stealing their significant others straightener if it says chi on it. Apparently my wife spent $150 on it. I acknowledged that there won’t be any weed in n her straightener, and then smirked knowing I will some day see at the very least a diy press.


If you check out the you tube videos you will see guys using clamps and hair straighteners. Not everyone can afford presses.

Since most of the folks here aren’t looking to put the dabs in a dab rig and smoke it they are looking to use the extract in vape juice and other recipes.

I bought the hair straightener I posted above because it has adjustable heat and the largest plates I could find on a hair straightener. The line of thinking was maybe to reuse the plates down the road if they are durable enough.


I didn’t say it couldn’t be done @bob31
I actually saw a small press not long ago for like 60-80$ it looked like a sandwich press ill try to remember where
But had temp controls
All i was saying was be cautious when clamping down the iron as it will crack
@Hogmaster actually used to press his with a iron and vise
The hair iron will work


Good info, thanks for sharing @Countryboyjvd1971

Do you know how much pressure was applied?

I also saw a press for doing t-shirts that looked interesting, but I don’t want to go into too many different directions without at least testing one of them out.

And to all, if I sounded argumentative in my previous post this morning, I didn’t mean to. My apologies.


@bob31 my press works with 150psi max not sure about @hogmasters
I have a pneumatic press so i can set pressue anywhere between 0-150 i run at max tho always
If I remember correctly hog was thinking about the clam shell tyoe press
he gets good results from his manual press bob
As far as the hair iron i would get one with aluminum plates if possible I believe most of them use ceramic plates ? Just another thought that popped into my head bro


I haven’t noticed anything but ceramic plates on any that I checked. And 150 lbs ok.

One of these days I will give it a try


Im looking forthat little press i saw it was nice
Looked like a panini press with flat plates for lack of better description
I saw a video on utube and yhis kid was pressing rosin using a electric flat skillet and a clothes iron using his body wieght ? So wheres theres a will bob theees a way


I’m a little lost (like always :joy:). I have a e-cigarette or what is it called, I have something to heat a bud and maybe get some resin… How do I vape that? Like she is or I need to mixed whit vegetable glicerin?


I’ll pick up a couple of the heating elements and start searching for some 3/4" aluminum.

I have a couple of these in use on a bullet luber/sizer and I drive 2 with an OLD variac. Works great.


@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32
Have you maybe thought about disassembling hair iron? My girlfriends brother did something similar where he took the heating elements, in tact, off the straightener and left it attached to plug. He then soldered the plates to some hand clamps like @bob31 posted i believe. I thinl i may try this in the next week or so!


You may want to double check compatibility if using anything I linked. It was kind of random. But I’ll definitely be following!


Sweet, keep us posted!


Why wouldn’t a pannini press work as well if not better than a flat iron? I’m thinking of trying this method. Maybe Job Lot has a cheap one. This time of year they have a lot of small appliances cheap. My dispensary is more consistantly out of CCO than they have it in stock and that is what I use to make my honey and candies. But I can do it with rosin just as easily. I think I will add one more stop to my gazillion errands after work tonight.


I think it would work does your have flat plates as well or just the grill type
My only concern would be if plates get close enough they need to be able to touch @AnneBonny let me know how you make out


Here a couple options @Myfriendis410 @Hogmaster @dbrn32 Im thinking about picking up the bottom plates and mounting to my bottle jack will need to build a steel frame for it tho if i do oh and i blame you @bob31 for sending down this path lol
@VelcroThumb sounds like a solid plan just be careful not to leave any bare wires exposed
But i think that could work as well


I agree @bob31 now we are going to be making a bottle jack rosin press I will let the wife know haha we love you buddy



I have yet to get into the extracts and rosin, or really been approached about doing so. But I’m always down for a project lol. Keep me posted on the progress for sure!


@Hogmaster, a bottle jack is the way to go, that’s why I like that bearing press.

The rosin plates you linked would work, but I plan to buy the aluminum and install heaters, manually bring the temp to 200° and press!