DIY Quantum Strips 36"x20" bloom tent


Been a while since I have been on this forum. Gave up growing for a while. Now back into it. Just purchased a 36"x20" bloom tent. Would like to build my own Quantum light with strips but do not know what to get or where to get for the project. @dbrn32 helped me build a small strip board a few years ago and I am still using it for my seedlings. Now I want to step up and build such a board for my bloom tent. Think that space needs at least 200 watts correct me it I’m wrong. Was looking at the 135W QB V2 RSPEC LED KIT at 276 CDN but was wondering if I could build similar for less . Also is that board powerful enough for flowering in my space?

I do not know much about lighting but I can follow directions on how to build a light.

Thanks for all the help in advance.

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I have this tent and have built for it, as well as looked at multiple options for diy light.

Do you have any guidelines for this like budget or end goal? I spent about $300 on lightvthst pulls abput 160 watts, but got exactly what I wanted. You could certainly build bigger light for cheaper.


@dbrn32 the 135W QB V2 RSPEC LED KIT is $276 cdn so if I can build a light for less then that would be my budget. That being said if I can build a better light for my space for max $300 that would be great too. My end goal is to get the best light I can for this tent for flowering only. Max amount of plants I would have in there is probably 3 but most likely 2. Just want the best bang for the buck so to speak. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks

Do you think the 135W QB V2 RSPEC LED KIT is big enough for this flowering only tent?

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Well you certainly aren’t helped by pricing in Canadian $ and availability. But it wouldn’t be difficult to build a “better light” because of the size of a 288 board in the 135 kit. Let me snoop around Digikey dot ca and see what I can come up with.

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Thanks @dbrn32 I appreciate it.

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They have eb gen2 3500k in stock

And you could put 9 of them on this driver for about 200 watt light

Would be no 660nm though. Do you know of anywhere up there you could get your hands on a 560mm strip of 660nm leds?

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@dbrn32 I would have to poke around. So from what you have found I’m looking at about $135. What is the difference between what you found and the 660nm?

Check this out @dbrn32

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That would be ordering from future in Canada? You could definitely use them. I don’t believe they have any 660nm leds though. Not that it is end of the world either, but you would need 660nm to make similar to r-spec board.

This is a mixture of 450nm and 660nm, but only 300mm long.

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@dbrn32 With regards to drivers. What does the end letter indicate? Such as A, B, or AB like in Meanwell HLG-240H-48A, HLG-240H-48B,HLG-240H-48AB The letters I have bolded.

What do you think of this board?

The Samsung LM281B+ has very high efficiency 165lm/w, it also has very good performance at 3000K color temperature for plants growing lighting, it is not full spectrum LED, but after added the 660nm Red LED will make it very close to sun light.

This panel is designed base on the Samsung high efficiency LM281B+ SMD 2835 LEDs(176pcs 3000K + 72pcs 5000K), mixed 660nm Red LEDs (32pcs) and less UR /IR LEDs (4pcs each).

This combination will be suitable for the entire growth process of most plants from seeding, germination, flowering to fruiting

The advantage of 3000K has plenty blue for full cycle, if will be very good if you want to make veg/flower rooms.

The advantage of of 5000K for veg is that your get tighter internodes, which gives you a more balanced distribution of light over the colas later.

Red light (660nm) Does its best work in the flowering phase. A higher intensity of red promotes a higher yield.

UV has been shown to increase the amounts of THC, CBD, and terpene production in plants. But no need high power.

Far IR light is made up of hot wavelengths. This type of IR light is used in grow lighting to help plants like og kush and sour diesel bloom and thrive.

Main Features & Specs

Dimension: 286mmx174mm
1.6mm High Thickness Aluminum PCB
1Oz (35um) Copper Layer
High Quality White OSP paint
4 x Original Molex Connectors
CRI : >80
Circuit Design: 16S18P ( 16 Series, 18 Parallels)
Input Voltage: DC 40-48V
Input Current: 900~2700mA
Rated Power: 120W (50W-130W range available)
Screw Type for Mounting: M4*10pcs

As always I appreciate your input.

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A has built in dimmer on top. B has wires that you would need to connect your own dimmer to. AB has dimmer on bottom and wires to connect your own dimmer. When I do lights it’s usually with A dimming.

165 lumens/watt isn’t that high if 80cri model. The jargon about being “very close to sun light” isn’t true either. The closest to that I’ve seen is 5000k 98cri, and it isn’t made by Samsung. Not that it matters, there is no undisputed evidence sun light spectrum is the best.

The biggest question I would have is what are the other leds.

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Better off with HLG 135W QB V2 RSPEC LED KIT? Or is the above board just as good? Trying to get the best bang for my buck. I have purchased several lights now in hindsight I should off just bit the bullet and purchased the best. But live and learn. I have blurple lights, homemade LED bulb lights heck I started with CFL’s. Now that I have two tents the homemade lights will go in my veg tent. I just want to get a good light for my 36 x 20 bloom tent. I appreciate and respect your opinion. @dbrn32

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The hlg kit is probably better watt for watt.

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If I wanted to run 10 of the BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-B3‎ strips what driver with dimming capabilities would I use and what configuration?

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@Growenmore If you want to get someone’s attention you need to put @ in front of their name like @dbrn32 our light expert.

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Depends on what current you want to run. Hlg-240h-c1050a would run 7-11 BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-B3 and have built in dimmer 50-100%.

More or less current would need different driver.

Thanks, HJL.
I thought I hit reply on his post :“The hlg kit is probably better watt for watt.”
And I’m not even stoned… YET

With that driver I would series the boards to get the right voltage?
And “wow” Digikey has it in stock. I thought I would need a HLG-240H-20B (not in stock)

That driver would need boards wired in parallel.

Wire boards in series with this driver.

Thank you dbrn32 you’re the best.

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