DIY Plant watering system


So this was a fairly simple and easy to handle. I would like to sugest a few things.

  1. The tubing I purchased worked just fine, however I wish I would of went the more flexable line. I used staples to hold and maneuver the line and it worked out.
  2. Definitely water the area you are going to place the carrot. Doesn’t need to be a lot. I used a q6 or 20oz bottle to wet the area.
  3. Make sure if you order to get an elbow/ end piece for the end carrot if you’re running a closed loop system. I forgot and had to wait a few days to get the right part.
  4. Don’t panic if the drippers are pourning out, just begin to adjust the flow nob on top of the carrots.
  5. Don’t let this intimidate you, this was a lot easier than I had thought I was going to be. If I can get it done, anyone can.


That’s so awesome! Congratulations. That question about how fast and how slow is exactly one of the questions I was going to ask you. Thank you for sharing this project. It looks really cool and something I am definitely interested in doing before the summer.


Thank you for posting and sharing those results. Very cool. I want to try one now. I hope you enjoy yours it sounds like it’s pretty sweet


@mulegal here’s the system we were referring to :+1::v:


Thanks @Dieselgrower, I’m going to read it right now.


Not a problem my friend :+1::v:


OK @Dieselgrower, Thanks much. I think I’ll go this route, so that I will feel comfortable leaving my plants for a week.

Even after reading the Blumat material I have a couple questions. The line out from the carrot splits off into 2 lines…what goes on the ends of these lines? Do you need to buy drippers? or does the water just drip out of the hose.

Also what does it mean it’s a closed system? Does the hose return back to the bucket in a big loop? If so why is that?

Anyhow, thanks again Dg this is a huge relief. I was stressing about leaving the young plants


I apologize I just saw this. I didn’t have to buy drippers the brown line acts as the dripper. I believe I have mine set up as open, I’m not sure what the difference between the two are either. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. I have mine setup with just the one hose running from the bucket.


@SmoknGranny here it is dear :+1::v:


Thanks sweetie. Yep I had it bookmarked. I’m putting it in the budget for next spring so I’ll probably be bugging you about setting up a system down the road :grin:


It’s pretty simple, I mean hell I put one together :joy:
The part that is the trickiest is dialing it in or you can use it to flood the plants with water till they run off then I lessen it back down to where it barley drips and that seems to keep it good an moist for a few days then I’ll end up flooding it eith water again and repeating the process sometimes every 3 or 4 days to a week give or take a day. Just takes time to dial it in. I should probably give them a call because I extended the dripper and split it and I can’t get them to drip at the same time or amount one is always more or less than the other. Just needs adjusting I’m sure over time it’ll get in. :v:


I’m considering calling the company but I want to check out YouTube first. As I have told others I am more of a visual and hands on learner now. :blush: And I sometimes over think or over complicate things that are really quite simple :upside_down_face:


I am the same way. I usually think stuff is harder or more complicated than it really is.


Nice to know I’m not the only one :grin: