DIY Plant watering system


I have a Wal-Mart and ace hardware. Home depot is about a 2 hour round trip.


So that’s obviously not a option lol they do ship as well if you order online brother


Yeah I didn’t think of that. Next time haha


Dude, nice job so far! I’m liking this idea more and more :v:


Thanks. I paid for the 2 day shipping. So should be able to finish and instal in 2 of the 3 scrog plants and then just continue to hardwater the other 1 in there and the other mainline plant


Just found this thread @Dieselgrower I’ve set it to watching.


Thank you so much for posting. This is awesome. I think when I go out of town I may do the setup like you’re doing. I just hate to have to ask family to come over and water for me. Plus I worry about it anyway while I’m gone.
Awesome. Very exciting. Thank you for sharing


No problem. I don’t like anyone doing anything wirh my plants. No one knows what to do besides me and it csn be difficult especially when others don’t share the same hobby and don’t really know what to do.


That is exactly my thought on that. I couldn’t have said it any better. Thank you for all the posts. I appreciate you sharing your hard work on this.


Eh it wasn’t so much hard work really. Whrn the rest of the parts get in I plan to install it.


That’s good to hear. I’m not exactly the handiest of handymen. Haha but it is something I’m definitely going to try and like you I wouldn’t mind getting the parts and doing it myself. Thank you.


I’ve got 2 packages from them and each one contained the instalation paperwork. I’m not the handiest either, but I can do the necessary things that need be done. If I can figure this out I believe anyone can. :joy:


So it’s looking like Thursday or Friday is when the elbow will be in so I can finish the prep and instal these in two of the scrog plants. :v:


So I guess I messed up and ordered the wrong fitting. So the package that was 2 days late getting here won’t help me anyway. I know it’s a small thing but HF why can’t I just get my system up and running. Now here’s another wasted week down.


Whoo finally the end piece is here and so is the 3rd carrot. Let’s get to it. I’m stoked to get it going. Hopefully I’ll be complete today :+1::v:


Soaking for an hour then install


Wishing I would of gotten the more flexible tubing for the watering system, but we’ll get it figured out. I have some garden staples I can help to coerce the tubing how I want to


Alright. Well it is all done and installed. Way easier than expected. The tubing was rigid so sort of my way and a little of its way as well haha. I couldn’t figure out why the last one was pouring out and wouldn’t stop, I thought I had messed up. I began messing with each top screw and played with the pressure on each one and have them all now set to a slow drip. Bow how slow is too fast or too slow? :sunglasses:


Hooooleee crap, away we go!!! I almost invested in those before I went with autopots. Very cool.


Yeah really user friendly and ince you get the hanf od adjusting each individual flow you’re all set. :+1::v: I’m digging these already