DIY Plant watering system


I put mine on the side just above bottom


Thnaks that is where I was planning on putting mine


I Didn’t get the Carrots But I Think I have a way to do this, I’m leaving for a week and the wife kills Plastic plants,so Have to find away to do this(Low Budget Type Stuff)


I understand that my friend. I don’t trust anyone to water my plants haha. I like the simplicity of it and adding on to this system to expand it looks really simple as well.


I’ve read that with all cotton string, paperclip, and an elevated resivior you have a self watering system. I haven’t tried that one yet. You could also make a few small holes in a bottle and fill it almost all the way then turn it upsode down and place it on the soil. It will make a slow drip system. A 16 oz bottle will last a couple hours maybe. But you could prefill the bottles and have the wifey just place a bottle or two or calculate how many you would roughy need and then have her just place the bottles each day.


Won’t that be Over watering it?
i have tubing, mister’s, stacks and a shut off valve, Most of that was from when i put a under ground sprinkler system at Uncle’s house


I was just suggesting some quick and inexpensive ideas. Didn’t inderstand you had all of that.
Once you gage how much your plants need you can break it down to fit then without over doing it.


I have two different sets of those carrots some that came with the reservoir and then some that just you put in a gallon of water they work good for me can’t beat the price I think I paid under $10 for six of them


terracotta unsealed is the answer Carrots are just fancy version
Or add soil moist when mixing soil there is a poor mans version of auto pots too


That is cool and would be handy if I ever plant outside I may try this. Thanks for the share and all of the information my friend.


Hopefully by monday I’ll be able to start on the system. I’m excited about it and can’t wait to get started. :v:


1st half of the parts got here today. The tubing which is more rigid than I thought, the carrots and a couple t fittings. Oh boy oh boy.


I think I have mostly everhthing I need. I do know I need a couple more things, but I’ll get it all started. I need to make a hole in the lid for the airline. Then a hole in the bucket for the bulkhead fitting. I had to order an elbow joint for the end sensor and I grabbed some stakes for the drippers.

Prepped for todays work the rest won’t be here until at least thursday or friday.

I used a 1/4" for the airline tubing in the lid

The bulkhead fitting called for a 1/2", which of course I didn’t have so off to the hardware store I went. These are a little pricey I thought.

Well that’s about all I can do at this point. The rest is just installing it into the pots. Okce the elbow fitting arrives I’ll figure out how I’m going to run these babies.


Nice job brother woohoo


Thanks. I wish I would of noticed I needed the elbow fitting haha


Yeah it happens
Stuff happens


There’s always something you forget😂


Exactly whenever i so a project here at the house it involves 20 trips to the box hardware store hahahaha
I always forget something or need something I didn’t know i needed


Yup same here. Like the 1/2" bit and the elbows. I couldn’t find any elbows I needed at ace so I went back to blumat and ordered some


Perfect Home Depot does carry alot of those fitting just a FYI brother if you have on close by that is