DIY Plant watering system


Alright, well I didn’t really know what category to go with so I chose here. I’m planning ,in in the next couple of weeks, to put together a self watering system for my shoulders and back sake. Now my delima is weather or not to use a pump or gravity fed style. I will be using a 5 gallon bucket for my resivior. I’ll have at least one airstone inside maybe 2.

  1. I’ve been looking at going with a pump and running seperate lines to each plant with a t split the use the soaking hose or drip emmiting line in a circle around the plant.
  2. Running a single line with 2 to 3 drippers in each pot.
  3. Getting some blumat 5" catrots and then just getting the rest of the materials to have a truely self watering system.

If I go with 3 is that I’m not sure what all other stuff I would need like the connections and fixtures. If I go with 1 I need to figure out what kind of pump and how big of a pump I need and what is needed to keep it from flooding my room incase power goes out, if that is a concern. This is my first big diy project I’m atempting and I have a few others I want to attempt as well for the future if I can get this handled.

Any input is apriciated I know I’ve talked to a couple of you about it so far, but me forgetting to water for 2 to 3 days and my girls looking sad really got me thinking about the automaton of watering and how it is benificial for me and the plants as well.

The blumat carrots

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster
Don’t you guys run the blumats? I thought I was talkingn or reading about it sometime. If so what other hardware would I need. Is just a t-spilt off for each plant at the bucket or inside the tent between the plants? Mostly left seems like like the line you need.

@Driftboat here is the system I built.


Thank you for starting this. I have nerve issues and I wouldn’t mind starting a do-it-yourself system but I wouldn’t even know how to go about it. I’ll eagerly be watching and following. Good luck and enjoy. Thanks for the cool topic!


Hopefully I can get it figures out. Seems like the blumat system would be the easiest and possibly the cheapest. The carrots are 12 bucks a piece amd with shipping its around 32 bucks. With minimal fixtures and lines shouldn’t break the bank. Plus I have plenty of buckets so that’s good.


I’ve been thinking about adding a self water system… I’ll be watch your progress!


I do run them when i and going out of town
I hand water the rest of the time
I am thinking about setting them up on my outdoor grow this summer if I actually do a outdoor grow thats still in the air


Is it just 1/4 or 1/2 inch line that is split and go to each carrot or is it each carrot had it’s own line?


Its a 1-4 inch line that you put a tee in line for each carrot and returns to revisor
Line leaves res goes in a loop rp
Pots install tees at each pot and returns to res
100% gravity feed system @Dieselgrower


So there is an out port and in port for the line? So have the out line you tap into it with a carrot for each plant then return the line to the res?


Thanks Bud, as I can see i’m not the only with body issues, Going to really check this out
Gonna be watching this


This topic I’m very interested in. I’m tired of the watering chore but I love my NFTG and because of that don’t want to go hydro. I wonder if NFTG will clog this system too. Probably heh.


Sorry I’m Old What is NFTG?


Run some bigger line like 1/2 inch


Nectar for the Gods it’s an organic nutrient line :slightly_smiling_face:


@Donaldj so I believe I’ve got most of it planned out. The only part of this that is puzzling me now is when making the hole in the bucket then do i just put the hose in and seal it or use a fitting or some other ingenious way I haven’t thought of yet?
The other big part is the res and good thing I have a few just laying around not doing anything.
Any food grade plastic contsiner will work as long as you can elevate it above the drippers. Since I won’t be using more than 2 plants I’ll be using a 5 gallon bucket. I can easily refill it with my current water jugs (1 gal) when needed. I have at least 1 large airstone that will help keep everything aerated.

I was planning to make or find a way to elevate the bucket to around 2 to 3 feet for gravity fed. Then run 8mm black tubing from res to a y split inside the tent to each carrot. Here is the cart already. May need go somewhere else for a couple of things, but I down graded from 3 dripers to 2. For now 36 dollars isn’t bad for a very nice system from all I’ve read and heard.


I didn’t do anything fancy drilled hole same size as hose fit it through than sealed around it with silicone


I would have to say probably would you can hand feed and auto water @Tylan


Alright thank you my friend. :v:


Well the parts are ordered and I’m just waiting for them to get in. I may order a bulkhead fitting for the bucket. I was also wandering how elevated does it need to be? Just higher than the carrots or how high? So to speak :wink:
Also if I was to go to 7 gallon pot, does anyone know if they will work well with a 7 gallon I may just need to extend a couple more drippers I’m thinking. I’ve emailed the manufacturer amd asked so hope to hear back. I know I can rig up some more drippers if necessary. Just wondering really. I recieved a new drill and it came with a few extras as well a good black and decker seems like anyway. Put it to the test drilling the holes for the airstone and lines in the bucket. I also got a simple black lid for the bucket and a table that sits about 28 inches tall.


think siphoning the higher the source is from where you aim to move it the more pressure it has so higher than carrots or emitters yes


So lets say the carrots are 15" above the ground, so having the resivior 28 inches should do the trick? Also does it make a difference if I put the fitting on the side or from the bottom?