DIY Low budget light set up


Congrats to you and your wife. If you thought you were on a budget before … :grimacing:


Kinda hard to say man. I have different plant with less lights yet it has 3s and 4s and 5s finger leafs. Not really sure. Never thought about it


Thank you and haha ikr


Bag seeds. I do have some but not wasting on a bs setup .


just bought two of these. With a pack of 150 watts equivalent cfl bulbs. Yall think its gonna help much?


@dbrn32 so im making some of these tonight .each one is a led 6500k bulb. Just trying to figure out how to wire muilt lights to one plug and do i need the sockets for the bulbs or could i wire them with regular copper wire. The lights are 194 leds. About 10 a pop. I have about 9 and thebi have 194 regualr ligjts a pack of twenty. Any idea how i should go about this


What kind of voltage and current info do you have on the leds?


Ya those splitters with cfl’s are really handy. Just adjust them so the cfl’s are horizontal and get them as close as you can without damaging your plant.

If you can build some sort of reflector to go over the top of it will help a bunch too.


Each one is pushing out 4.3 watts . ill check the volts once i find the packaging. . also sorry to ask but do you know what could be causing this?


This is how i use the leds btw.

and its how i wwanna wire the 194 led bulbs


I’m not sure about the plants. One pic looks like a plant deficiency, another maybe bugs, and the last pic could’ve been as simple as a drop of water getting on leaf during lights on.

What’s your ph look like?


I don’t really do stuff like that much with the leds. Most of them are more permanent fixtures with dedicated drivers. But I’ll help if I can.


Alrighty @Covertgrower so this happen . i zipp tied the branches. Plant seem not to stressed from it. What do you think


@Bman88900 as long as the zip tie isn’t too tight it should be fine.


Will it do anything at all


@Bman88900 It will as it gets a little farther. It’ll encourage growth in the middle. Just be cautious when removing the zip ties. Next time I suggest to use string, or something softer and easily removable.


Well dang . I should of been smarter then that. Big brain fart. :pensive:


@dbrn32 So i got my hand on a 300 watt light bulb . not led . heres 19 hours before the bulb was added

and heres a pic after . i personnely already see a huge jump in growth


Is that an incandescent bulb?


I hate say yes buy yeah it is. Two reasons im useing it. Its getting into the 20s degrees so if i keep it a little over a foot away it keeps the area warm enough but not dangerously warm . Im using it as a heater. Second its pushing out 3500 lumens and any extra lighting is good. Today i add the multi light fixture . just waiting for that mail lol. I mean the plant seems to very much enjoy it.