DIY Low budget light set up


Yeah thts the plant. So i topped her remember? Shes doing great and also transported her to a 5 gallon . @dbrn32 @Jmesser80 @Covertgrower


No likes for 8 more hours sorry, looks very good though!

See how many actual watts that light draws and see what the light spectrum looks like too. Make sure you’re getting decent bang for your buck.


And she loved the transplant! Look great @Bman88900


Alrighty i will as soon as i get home tomorrow. My baby boy was born yesterday so just one more day. Have someone watching the plants and taking care of his big brother . so everyone is in good hands


Thank you. Im very lucky to have mentors like yall. Thanks again guys


How do you feel about LST? Should i go ahead and start. I think this plant would be a prefect chance to try it on.


@Bman88900 LST is a great way to go, and you can start it now. It’s great when you don’t have height restrictions. I have a white widow that I LST’d into a half circle. Almost a mini SCROG if you will. I was trying to get more out of her.


Alrighty . ill start doing more research on it then. Topping is to easy and i love how peoples branches end up after LST. MONSTER plants. If you know any good forums on here lmk please. I read read read all day. Lunch break , when im bored. Knowledge is Power :muscle:


You can always check my clone grow from my first grow. I have a few close ups of some of the LST action. @Bman88900




Thank you. Was reading your first grow. Great yield. How was the smoke?


Hey, congrats on the baby! Hopefully he and mom are doing well! This stuff can wait my man, spend some time with them. I’ll be here when you’re ready.


@Bman88900 I vaporized, and made a lot of edibles. The GSC is very sweet, with a minty finish. Highly recommended. Makes you feel creative, and talkative. Does make you a bit sleepy though. I may have harvested a little late, and that is probably why. Grows like an indica, flowers like a sativa, with lots of stretch. White widow is energizing, and definitely allows you to be functional. THC Bomb was my least favorite and gave me feelings of nausea. It may be different for you. The Txaki medical version is high in CBD, and low in THC is good for my migraines (the original reason why I started growing) The Girl Scout Cookies was also worked well for my migraines. I also haven’t had any migraines at all as long as I consume lightly once a week. I dont know why, and I’m just glad. Sorry this was long.


Absolutely . I have my brother in law taking over for the next couple weeks. Hes pretty smart and is home schooled so he has the time . I let him watch this whole grow and hes come up with some pretty good ideas . Im confident all will be good.


Awesome! Congrats again on the new addition!


Very resilient plants @Bman88900
Didn’t you get the seeds from ILGM?


added a light that was in my 55 gallon fish tank. I have 4 but only one works . @dbrn32 @Covertgrower


Seems to be helping from what I can tell, good thinking


Cool experiment. Interesting the way the leaves have only three tips. Would be safe to assume it is because of the low lighting intensity? I had a clone that did that one time and I think it was because of stress. All of the leaves only had three For at least a month until it again to really start growing healthy again.


Any extra lighting is better than nothing! Great job @Bman88900