DIY Low budget light set up




Lady on left looks good! What happened to stretchy one in shoebox?


Im really not sure. It died lile the rest. This one survived out of 14 of them. I just topped tonight. Hopefully it will do good. Or maybe the light wont be enough . we shall find out . Good topping tho. I will post a update once it starts growing again.


That sucks. Hopefully that one will be a peach!


Alot better then my other one @dbrn32


Nice growing @Bman88900


Did I topp my plant to early?


I like to wait until my plants have at least 4 or 5 nodes before I top them.


Is that a Halloween trick or treat basket?


Mine was on the fourth one and it used to be :sweat:


I top when I think they are tall enough but it usualy ends up being around the 5th node. You should be ok but if it were me I would have waited a bit longer but again you should be ok :+1:


Alrighty i appreciate that . Thanks for the info


So here is the update after topping



@dbrn32 i know it looks crappy and it is but for the time being is this okay?


If your plant is alive and growing it should continue to be fine.


Sorry for bothering ya. Thanks for the help. .


You’re not bothering me one bit. Most people will tell you that you’re going to need more light. I don’t disagree, but you also don’t have to have huge aspirations to successfully grow weed. I’m not about bashing on anyone’s setup. So like I said earlier, if your plants good who’s to tell you it’s you’re not doing it right? Certainly not me.

Limited light is just going to mean reduced photosynthetic activity, which is going to mean smaller plants and lower yields. If you’re ok with that, you’re not going to see an argument out of me. What are you hoping to get off that plant?


Im not exspecting much. Trusqt me i read these forums all day. I have faced the hard truth of my entire grow setup. But i do have very big plans and im kinda using what im doing now as a pre learning experience so when i go for my actual grow it i may not make as many mistakes. I enjoy this .here is my set up. Any info on lights and tents will be very helpful


I was a little confused last night sorry. I was thinking that we had been discussing some of this on another thread, and just realized we were.

Where is your most solid point in that stuff? You want the tent with the separate areas and then build from there?