DIY lighting info

@dbrn32 wondering if you can help me get started on the right direction when it comes to lighting. I seen your mentoring w newbie_MN and I’m definitely intrigued. I currently have 4 amazon grow lights. 2 ts1000’s by mars hydro and 2 viparspectra 1000w dimmable. They seem to do the trick but I always see bad text on blurples. Can you fill me in? Thanks


The ts 1000 uses similar cct as most of the DIY builds you will see. As far as the blurples go, they just don’t seem to provide as healthy of plant growth. Some are better than others, blurple is kind of a loose term.

What size grow space do you want to build for?

A 10x12x8 grow room. Was gonna set up a 8x8 grow table like I seen on 420grow YouTube blog. How many plants would I be able to fit in such a space? Realistically I’d like to get 12-15 lbs every grow is that possible in the allotted space?

You’re probably not going to do that with the lights you have. As far as being possible, I wouldn’t say anything is impossible.

I’m not familiar with the space you’re talking about, but you are only really limited by your imagination and budget. You figure you will need to be able to access all of your plants too. So make sure there are plans for that. DIY build for a 4x4 is going to probably be in $600-900 range. You would need 4 of those for an 8x8.

If you want we can help you get a plan together so you can optimize your purchases