DIY Light, 2x2, Scrog, Maui Wowie


What did you think of the Blue Dream or have you tried it yet? @Not2SureYet put his finger on the smell and taste: reminded him (and me) of the dank weed we used to get when sensimilla first hit the street.


Nice! Beautiful piece, too :+1:


The Blue Dream is sooo nice! First good high felt like I ripped a few dab hits. Face and Head was numb! I haven’t gone a day without smoking it since it’s been cured. Will definitely grow again, maybe crossed with something else… :wink:


This sounds like something I NEED to grow. :wink: thanks for the smoke report. It was a joy following along time start to smoke. I definitely prefer a daytime medication, and very sociable strains.


Give Tangie a try then.


Wow nice job buddy :v::+1:


Can i bring someone in? Maybe late. But small spaced. And ‘learning about lighting’ @KingVars


Yeah man of course! Sorry I’ve been super busy the past month. We’ve been hosting so many friends and family lately we’ve only had our house to ourselves a total of 6 days the past month! Here’s what’s growing in the 2x2 as of today…but I’m switching a bunch of shit around between the 2 tents on Wednesday




Looks like you have your winter planned! lol


Haha I am year round! Wait til I get the third tent up and running :wink:


What strains have you got lined up for this mate? The plants have a beautiful colour to them they are looking great mate il be sticking around for sure :v:️.


I have some Double Tangie Banana, Black Dog, Cinderella xx, Sour Diesel, Fire OG, and a Caramelicious auto going right now. Lol. Gonna rearrange the tents tomorrow and flower out the mothers and replace the moms with clones


Quite the lineup right there!


boy,oh,boy what a spread!
sounds like your hands are full @MattyBear
my ambition kicked this guy’s butt in the grow ,good luck on a healthy,happy grow!!


My Sour Diesel plants are looking pretty dank right now, Matt. Really tight node spacing on both and there’s a main cola forming on my home seed SD that’s gonna be like 12" long.


I’ll send the wife lol


If it’s not to much how old are your mothers?


Thanks E! I’ll have some good variety to add to my weed pantry soon. Pretty excited about that! :v:


I just topped/fimmed the Sour D yesterday. She’s got a really nice trunk on her already too!


Mothers aren’t that old. I am a little behind schedule getting my third tent, so I’m improvising. I’ve taken multiple clones off my 3 mothers and I’m gonna keep the best ones for the replacement mothers.