DIY indoor grow room FAN

Googled it and then DIY it, indoor grow room Fan,
Works great and cost saving, old Nokia charger, cut Cd,old toy motor, superglue and easy as that…


I LUV IT !!!

( what is it ? )

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Mini fan for a small grow room…
However not sure how long the small motor will last with a 18/6 light cycle timer
DIY Another is a pc box Fan with a air duct pipe…
Also a Co2 mixture &
Shit load of DUCT TAPE…


Check out foil tape. It’s what we use in ac ducting. It’s a tad pricy, but it’s made to tape to duct. Much better than duct tape. Love the diy fan. Going to make.

Hold on hold on I’m a little confused … let me see if I’ve got this right ?

Foil tape tapes ducts better than duct tape tapes ducts

…oh boy! … now I’m a lot confused !


Right. It’s called suretape and you’re sure it’ll stick for 30 years. It’s made so I don’t have to climb in a summer Florida attic to fix duct tape. If you see ac guy with duct tape. Run away


Lol how true I’m a hvac guy also foil tape works great sticks to almost anything and has a reflective quality :scream_cat::+1:

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I used a computer fan to move heat from the wood stove to the basement one year worked great.:wink: