DIY homemade marijuana food for Autoflower


A question from a fellow grower:

The problem is I haven’t been able to see one thru to maturity.
Either with regular or Auto flowering. This is getting frustrating and
expensive. I’m sure its nutrition. I’v been using a space bucket with
plenty of light. I do have the book You’ve sent. I would like to Grow
the Auto flower at this point to finally see what a full grow is
like(started with 10 seeds, down to 4).I cann’t afford the
supplements such as Big Bloom etc. And I understand that Mircale Grow is
not good for Auto. I’ve also tried Cactus food also. Is there any Dyi
homemade food or something inexpensive that I can use to make this


Why can’t miracle grow be used for autoflower, that you’ve heard? I suppose you mean “the all purpose” plant food, maybe miracle grows with the different NPK rating would work, not that I know, I have been using some on my plants I damaged anyway, but my problem was I believe not mixing it strong enough, was sort of playing it safe, next thing ya know, yellowing leaves.

Now, if ya are talking about not purchasing fertilizers, either chemical or organic liquids, I still believe that “composting” is a cost effective way of making decent soil out of food scraps and other is a cost effect way of not having to buy anything, but you don’t throw anything in the mix that had butter mixed with it(salt), and of course nothing that was salted in general, I stayed away from meats thrown in, besides I always put something on meat that is salty or vinegar, shredding of newspaper mixed in can be good, urine mixed in has high nitrogen(usually mixed with water and added right away to avoid ammonia formation)I did it for years for my outdoor plants, you like have a garbage can(or professional made plastic tumbler), and you put all organic vegetable or fruit waste in it, on top of a fair amount of soil, and mix, maybe add some worms, they multiply fast, for indoor plants, I removed the worms and put them back. I mean, I can think of those systems that make fertilizer “tea”, I mean, I saw youtube videos on this, some nasty concoctions of manure “water”. But yeah, urine mixed with plenty of water before adding is “nitrogen” addition, from what I understand, but I aint been desparate enough to use urine, other than peeing in mole holes, you see, moles hate human urine outside, they generally go after worm, maybe bugs, if one has an abundance of worms.

I myself will eventually get back into “organic gardening”, especially for marijuana, its the all natural way with compostings. I suppose getting the right amount of npk could be tricky, I aint no expert, but I bought Jorge Cervantes “The Cannabis Encyclopedia”, and it arrived today, been looking it over, wow, wow, definitely some serious talk on fertilizers, and wow, I just noticed “Miracle Grow” is listed in the book without any serious warnings other than he says miracle grow does not contain magnesium, but I added in Epsom salts anyway to my soil to get magnesium.


I just saw a program on recycled waste, for farming, in the US, really, another form of fertilizer everyone generally makes once per day, human fecal waste, youza, I mean, they do it in a lot of the third world as a fertilizer. A person would have to be really desparate, but messing around with horse or steer or chicken manure, once aged or processed in a composting bin or pile, that is just a nasty and gross, usually with deadly ecoli in animal waste.


good to hear in have 10 WW auto i will give a run soon help will be needed


cool will looking for list thanks


lol thanks will give it a shot


No. There is absolutely not a cheap alternative, or shortcut to growing successfully.

If you want an inexpensive way to grow. Buy; Pure Blend Pro This can be used in soil or hydro. So you money won’t be wasted if you switch methods.

Buy a 4cf bag of ProMix BX nursery medium. Some perlite to add to ProMix.

Follow the directions on the nutrient bottle. You need a PH and EC/TDS meter to make sure you are providing the proper PH balance to your plants, and can monitor nutrient strength. The PH pen is most important. Following the directions on the bottle and having the correct pH for your plants will allow you to finish a crop; Simple and healthy.


As a follow up. If you attempt to get all these ingredients to make a soil; Being inexperienced you will find yourself nto knowing where to turn if something goes wrong.

I applaud the members who offered a mxiing schedule, but you will end up spending way more in the end. :slight_smile:


If any fellow growers out there are having success with autos,I would like to hear of their soil blend,nutes and grow techniques.
There’s always tricks of the trade to learn through the experiences of others.
I do pretty good with my own methods but am always open to tips and suggestions that may lead to a bigger and/or better harvest.