DIY HLG light help

Ok I’m completely new here and I’m new to growing. After a few days of reading I’m into the light replacement stages (in my mind).
So I have 2 tents: 1) 4x4 2) 2x2

I need to get lights ASAP. I’ve looked at 4xQB120 for veg and 4x288 for flowering. I’m open to suggestions and need all the input I can get. I’m a little crazy about waiting so I’m looking to order and get things here in a hurry. I know HLG is waiting on stock!
I’ve done all I could to avoid having to tag anyone but I know there’s a light guru on here and I need his guidance

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The 2x2 is for veg? You don’t need 4 qb 120’s for that, a single qb 120 will do. That would be hlg-65, comes with everything you need for about $100.

Four 288 boards is good for flowering a 4x4. You can get them a lot of different ways too. I would consider doing two of 260 xl kits or building something similar.

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I’m actually looking at the HLG 65 V2 as we speak.

Can you give me a parts list for building the 4x4 light? I only see the boards (288) on HLG but I don’t know what driver(s) to get. With building 2) 260s what do I need to do different?

If you buy kits they will come with everything you need.

If you build, you want to use 1 driver or two?

Is there any place that have them in stock right now?

growerslights show they have the 260 xl rspec in stock and the 65.


Good looking out @Hellraiser

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@dbrn32 @Hellraiser
Would it be considered overkill to go with the HLG135 V2 Rspec For the 2x2 veg tent? Just considering it cause I don’t wanna be held back by my equipment. I know there’s a learning curve so I don’t want to be able to make excuses later on.

That would be more to flower 2x2.

@dbrn32 lol ok 65 it is! I appreciate the help guys

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Hey what i did was buy a the biggest light i can and make sure it can dim! Then you can have as much light as you need. I personally built all my own light Rigs. My one light is made with 4x series 3 150 watt full spectrum boards 3500k white,red, far red and uva. And then in the corners i also v2 high performance engine 96 watt puck lights in the corners. I run my 15 watt boards at 111 watts maximum. And the enhanced corner lights at full power if needed. I put all this into a 4x4 tent. Its wayyyy too much light but i can dimm the shit out of it.

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this light on full blast is only 850 watts and i can blast out over 195k lumens at 24". Im working another 2 lights. I have a full spec mini light im working on and a trichrome enhancing light for the last 2 weeks of flower.

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