DIY High CFM Tent Supports

I’ve got a Vivosun 4x4x6.5 tent. My vent fan was really pulling in all the sides when I saw Gorilla had side supports. When I saw price for 3 of them - I said I can do that cheaper. Back and 2 sides, not front where door is.

1 - Regular size Pole Noodle ($0.50 on clearance last Oct. Dollar General)
3 - 48" x 3/4" Poplar dowels ($3.48 each Lowes = $10.44)
Duct tape (which I always have)
Total Cost = $10.94

Cut Noodle into 6 - 5" pieces
1.5" from one end use a drill bit the size of your thumb and manually twist a hole through Noodle
With razor knife, cut from hole to short end, with hole pointing upwards (EVERY Noodle)
Place split end over tent support and using the tape, secure the split ends on backside of pole
There will be a single Noodle and the L & R poles at door, 2 on each side at back of tent
Cut your dowels so they fit inside of width - pole to pole (I didn’t measure - sorry)
Bend/move side to side the Noodle pieces to fit both ends into holes
Do all three sides


I’ve done the same thing using 1x4 boards. I just drilled some holes near the ends and zip tied them to the poles. Makes it easy to mount a wall fan also.

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