DIY Dehumidifier

Going to finish my flower grow In a 4 by 4 tent And I’m looking AT a Dehumidifier. I see you can make a simple 1 out of a couple of buckets and rock salt. Has anyone tried this? Thanks

I have not but I use this;
One lasts a year+ in a 4x4


where were you last year I spent a lot of money on a dehumidifier. LOL

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While both methods will remove humidity it will not remove humidity fast enough.


Good point. I only have three plants and for the cost it’s worth exploring. Thanks for your reply

Spend it now, or spend it twice later.


I put mine in the tent at light flip and within 24 hr it’s at 50%rh and it stays around 40-45%. 24 hrs is fast enough for me.

Problem is you have to exchange air in the grow space: ideal is once every 2 minutes. With a complete air exchange and/or a fan running full time you will have to have a good sized dehumidifier. I’m running one plant in a 2 X 4 now and the dehumidifier in there with the plant is sized for a living room. But it will keep up with air exchange on a rainy day.

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thanks, I have a carbon fan and filter

I wish i were dealing with 50% RH from the start, im dealing with 80% and above from the air surrounding the house…
Silica packs or salt DIY dehumidifiers by themselves won’t do much when you are exhausting air constantly, renewing more humid air at all times…
Im right now in the process of sealing the whole room where the tent is, only exhausting air trough a sealed window, and will try a mix of silica gel in large amounts and a diy calcium chloride salt dehumidifier…
I would be happy if i manage to lower RH under 60 % but im not counting on it