Diy carbon filter for odor control

Hey all. I have a problem with the exhaust from my ac. I need to run that through a carbon filter but didnt want to buy another filter cause ive spent some coil lately on grow. So i looked around at what i had and made my own. So far works great.

So… some zip ties, an old piece of duct and 12 bucks worth of carbon activated filter material.

i was able to make 2. One for my frefresh air intake and the other was for ac exhaust.

By the feel of the air i only lost 33% of air flow. Will monitor tent environment and keep you all posted.
Ive noticed an immidiate difference in smell. Time will tell how long this material lasts.
Total cost for both about 20 bucks.


Nice and cheep.
I’m going to try cook my carbon off after this grow. Try and reuse it.

To save my carbon filter I only connect it to the exhaust when in flower.

Let me know how that goes. Nice if we can “recharge” them.

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I’ve seen it on utube, drill out the riverts, spread out the carbon on oven tray and cook in oven. I need to find that video again for temps and duration.
Will post when I find it…

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