DIY Bubble Cloner


Yea I got it to never use it make sure u don’t get it on the leaves. It fucks it up makes them droopy but thanks and thanks for idea it was u that I was talking to right the original maker how big do you get the plants outta this setup @Liljoe


@Lostscuba I didnt make a set up the size u did, i made a small clone bubbler so they dnt get bit. Once they have roots going I put into soil. I do have a aero hydro set up, but have not tried yet. I am hoping to use it soon tho.


Ok It’s works good ? I’m just waiting for some clones to root and try it out it’s pretty sick and I’m talking about the buckets with the big root do u have to put air rocks in there to here’s the end result only need a light and after they root I can take the top off right @Hogmaster @PurpNGold74 @Liljoe @hammer


Looks good @Lostscuba . I dnt use the net pots in by cloner. I do have them in my hydro unit. I just put clones in collars and make sure stems in the water with air stones bubbling away.
This is my hydro unit


Nice and it works great? I’m just trying to see what’s better and faster the say your yeild increase by 100% is it better then soil?


@Lostscuba I have not tried it yet, soon tho.


Check it out Thank you marry Christmas everyone and to brighten up my day all my seeds came and get this I used the wrong card and tnsb charge me a 1.53$ for 14 seeds I guess they felt sorry

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