DIY Bubble Cloner


Dude im def gonna pick your brain when i get there. Thats for mass growing ideally tho. Not at that level period


It is indeed for production growing


Does size of clone bubbler make a difference in how it works? Hope not cause i made a small one today, thanks to the great info on this thread @ktreez420

Gnna try it out tnite or tmor and see what happens. Its on a dry run atm to see if temps and rh are good.
RH starting rising with in minutes, just gtta make sure temps come up, will have to check later. I already feel that i am going to have to get a bigger air pump or i may just run an air line from my big compressor with a pressure regulator. Thanks again for the how to
I plan on adding a 6th spot but hyro store only had 5 neoprene pucks this size


Test run…the temp is low cause lids was just off, it sits about 79-80.
I had to move it to my drying fridge to keep temps up.


Checked last night, 72 hours and 2 of 6 already making roots :grin: and still look like the day they were cut.