DIY Bubble Cloner


Dude im def gonna pick your brain when i get there. Thats for mass growing ideally tho. Not at that level period


It is indeed for production growing


Does size of clone bubbler make a difference in how it works? Hope not cause i made a small one today, thanks to the great info on this thread @ktreez420

Gnna try it out tnite or tmor and see what happens. Its on a dry run atm to see if temps and rh are good.
RH starting rising with in minutes, just gtta make sure temps come up, will have to check later. I already feel that i am going to have to get a bigger air pump or i may just run an air line from my big compressor with a pressure regulator. Thanks again for the how to
I plan on adding a 6th spot but hyro store only had 5 neoprene pucks this size


Test run…the temp is low cause lids was just off, it sits about 79-80.
I had to move it to my drying fridge to keep temps up.


Checked last night, 72 hours and 2 of 6 already making roots :grin: and still look like the day they were cut.


Can you just buy the attachment for the bucket if so where do I get it and. What are the blue things inside the bubbleler do u use warm water


@Lostscuba if u go to a pet store in the fish aquarium section, u can find some air tube and fittings. The blue things are air stones, also from pet store. I recently changed my hoses going in with a set a valves. I will take a pic later and post


Yo I went to day and got the stuff but I did Oder the bubbler but I’m making one too thanks guys for the idea

I need some help how do I place the air stones in side do I poke a hole in the side and run it through @Liljoe


Are you cloning or doing hydro?


Clones. And hydro some one on here gave me the idea and says it works fine


@Lostscuba you need some rubber gromets
To make sure u have water tite seal.

U can see in pic where hoses go thru, i used electrical rubber gromets. Hope this helps


This thing ???

I did two systems just waiting for the clones to pop then we will put them to use


Did you get clear tops those? You’ll need something to keep the humidity in.


That is the 3 way gang valve i just put on to get rid of all the line fittings. The gromets go in the holes in bin to put hoses thru. U can drill your holes a size smaller than your air lines and make sure they are a snug fit to seal from water leaking. I hope that makes sense lol


It sure does thank you for all your help I’m just excited to watch this thing work even more excited to actually get the self wAtering bubbler off amazon u can leave for. Week and don’t have to worry about them dying and @Familyman no I didn’t thanks for idea I’m gonna have to run to heart and will grab tops


Try to keep the humidity as high possible inside the dome.


Do you know the mixture for 15 res would be first feeds I think it’s 1 ml to every 1 liter don’t you put less for the first time this thing just bubbling away


Clones are just like a mature plant, they need food just like the mother. Remember they are the same age as the mother.


So I should feed my clones nutes thought that was a no no but it’s good to know can’t wait too see it work took a couple hours and a shit tons of joints :yum::partying_face::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::crazy_face:


Nice work @Lostscuba. I put nut3s at 50% strength, also use cloning powder or gel.
I recently got some Pro-Mix root booster I am trying. It has rooting hormones and nutes for them. Its 5-15-5 in root booster