DIY Bubble Cloner


@ ktrees420 ,wanted to take a min to apologize for hi jacking your thread a bit with the picts and such even tho they are on topic , you started this thread and i added to it with out asking … if you wish i will clean it up . Your call .sincerely
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I personally enjoy your hijacking and took the info you provided and put it to good use. And thanks to @ktreez420 for starting this thread and to you sir for showing us your secrets! I have had great success using simarlar methods without having to do the experimenting you had already done and shared with everybody. Really saved me loads of time and now I get 95% of my clones to nice mature ladies.


Thank you MUCH.


No way @hammer, I don’t care dude, all shared knowledge is good knowledge!



Update on the bubble cloner.

I cleaned it all up and got the water reset and ready to go. I germinated 6 bag seeds, and out of the 6 seeds that germinated, I took two and placed them directly into the Bubble Cloner. They had grown 2" in length, so I simply used a neoprene disc to hold the seed above the water, while the bottom tap root is exposed to the water/air mixture.

After two days both the little sprouts have already grown an inch in size and the tap root has begun to start making new roots. It’s awesome to see because I’ll eventually transplant these into a 6" net pot and give them their own 5 gallon bucket setups. I used to transplant from soil (solo cups) into DWC, but wanted to figure out a way to grow from seed to flower a plant in only water. The journey has begun!

In the cloner I put some GH RapidStarter, GH FloraLicious, and some HydroGuard. Everything a plant would love to start off in! I’ll post pictures tomorrow.



Updated pictures

Ok, so the two sprouts you see were placed in the cloner on 2/5. They were only germinated seeds that had long tap roots, so I had the idea of just putting it into the cloner to see if i was onto something. Sure enough, they started to grow both bigger and more roots!

So today, I had 3 other germinated sprouts that I threw into a solo cup filled with perlite only. The seeds sprouted, so I got the idea to just throw them into the bubble cloner too, why not?! If it worked for the others, why wouldn’t it work for these?

I’ll be sure to keep you updated. These plants were bag seeds, and will eventually go into DWC buckets. Hopefully soon!



Updated pictures of the Bubble Cloner

I got back from India and saw how much the plants have grown, wow! I’ll be transplanting some into their own DWC buckets.



Oh wow they are 3ft Long! Wtf!


I’m glad you posted and noticed @Nug-bug!

The reason for this is because these 3 plants are actually plants that have never been in any medium.

Meaning, I germinated them in a paper towel, then placed them directly into the bubble cloner. They were germinated seeds, but after some time they stood straight up and grew just as if they were in soil.

It’s something I’ve been working on extensively. I want to be able to teach people a method of seed to harvest, hydro only. No rooting plugs or jiffy pellets. Just a seed, a neoprene disk, and a reservoir.



Well looks like your well on your way man
I’m going to be following and learning, after I get through a grow and actually see how a plant responds. I will then advance my game plan.
Quick question if you don’t mind , I have a sprout 4 days old, with a 3x3 on the way. I’m going to be scrogging first time so I can hopefully have enough to last roll next harvest.
How long "roughly " would I expect 1 plant to fill up a 2x3 scrog?
Would it be better to pop at least 1 more or do you think one ilgm SD fem will be the way to go for the free time?


I’m watching buddy I keep mother plants so tend to simply use soil and pellets out of practicality yet to find a hydro setup for mothers which doesn’t end up with monster plants after a couple of months without something being wrong. I am liking GH maxi series my veg unit is starting to pick up


I think you would need to veg for at least 8 weeks, then, depending on growth, switch to 12/12 and let her stretch up. If you’re tucking and using the proper techniques you shouldn’t have a problem filling the screen quickly.

For me personally, my logic is simple: longer veg = stronger, bigger plant = more buds.

I think just one plant is more than enough to fill a 2x3 SCROG, no doubt. I would save the other seed for another grow.



Thanks trees


I realize that this is an older thread - but I wanted to say thanks for posting!
I made a smaller version of your design - this is my third attempt at cloning, 1st using hydro/bubbler. The first two did not go well using peat pellets and/or soil. success rate was like 2 of 12… Disappointing is an understatement.

The bubbler I made - again from your design - is 6 of 6 so far. 10 days in and all of the cuttings have roots!!

roots 12-21-17

It’s a 1gal Rubbermaid container, (2) 6" air stones each attached to their own small pump. I made the collars from the packing some of my LEDs came shipped in. Up to this point I’m using Azos in the bubbler with a little SuperThrive.

Those clones are from a Violator Kush mother that I have in my tent in veg - she was germ’d at the same time as the plants that are in my scrog screen - which will be harvested over the next week or two.

buds 12-21-17

Those are in a Promix based medium mixture that was shared by another member - but I am really interested in Hyrdo and have been looking at everything from the “ebb and flow” systems to individual bucket setups.

Thanks for sharing!!!


Low pressure Aeroponics less nutrients simple to build and more forgiving being a hybrid of NFT


thanks for the pointer…:+1:
Using less nutes was a driver to going with a smaller bubbler for cloning.

A few quick searches and found some good info on DIY low pressure aeroponics systems.


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Buddy thanks for those. I’ve been reading pieces of that thread previously, not sure how I missed the step by step guide - that is sweet.


This absolutely blew my mind. You mean you cut in veg and in a month you flip to flower? :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: that sounds like king of methods. How did that overall yield for you man? I know this thread is old af but VERY helpful and essentially why this site is so great


works fairly well sea of green style in hydro unit with less spacing 2-3 kolas per 6 plants in 15 gal totes square so easily placed together or ebb&flow flood table same approach
each plant giving you 1/2oz Kola done right much the same as larger plant with less veg time needed 2 weeks to root and recover 3 weeks to grow then flip. Works best if you have space to grow perpetually 3 light rotation and a mother space

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