DIY Bubble Cloner


Right on brother I’m glad to see that your departure was a good one and not a bad one… hope to see your updates… talk to you later my man… might have some questions for you as well… started Hydro and I might need some help… maybe… :smirk:



Great to see all is well. India , man that will be cool. Happy belated birthday bro :birthday:


@peachfuzz, @ktreez420, @tee3737 . hate to be the party pooper here but this is the hydroponics section not the green room … lets keep this on topic so as to save space for relevant information please . this will save cleaning up the thread later . THANX :wink:

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It’s also a thread I started. So I don’t see the problem. Nice to see you still taking charge…


@ktreez420 may that as it may be but it not a personal journal . but if you like i’ll consult latewood on this if you like just let me know ???

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@Hammer what are your thoughts on root pruning in DWC pruned mine the other day to encourage branching just curious if you have any tips Mammoth-p is out since not approved for sale in Canada and only so many hydro guys on this forum :wink:


@Donaldj .don’t think it has any real effect as creating more branching .i do it as to allow the plant to live longer in the bucket .mainly for mothers . and as they age they naturally gain more branches , but i usally have to prune the stems so as to keep them controlled to the environment . will see if i can find my root prunes .

Before , The removed root mass, Regrowth of roots approx. 22-25 days later . Notice that i cut even the taps you can see one still stuck out the side . but most regrew fine . during this time the plant slowed 80% but after 10-12 days started off veg groth again . i do this cause i loose 2 1/2 gallons of h2o volume and the bubbler becomes less effective .and can get a nasty case of root rot fast with out the proper bubbles going …but ive never seen it add more branching . only slow growth till recovered. Hope this helps .


@ktreez420 One last thought i you post about you trip in the green room , id like to hear about it my self . spent some time over seas . looking forward to hearing about it in the green room . thanx buddy .


@hammer I’m super excited dude, any tips/advice you could give me?! I already plan on taking tons of pictures, and buying lots of stuff to bring back!

If Latewood agrees I would love to set up a give away for you guys to enter, where I can give away some cool India items. Just a thought though!


@Hammer hey man i was looking at this and was wondering what the difference is between what was done in each picture? on the bottom picture, what did you do to the stem of the clone to get roots to shoot out like that? thanks


@pbs86 do you mean the last picts i posted or the clones towards the be ginning . the very bottom is one of my mother plants in showing removal of excess roots . help me out a little here please .


I have heard if done early while taps are still shooting it would encourage branching either way I did a quick prune session since they get wrapped into my airlines. I added Aussie tonic for B vites since it’s cheap and will add h2o2 tomorrow I suspected some root rot may have been starting but as it turned out everything I trimmed was healthy just algae it’s been 24hr’s since and they actually are showing signs of branching ph did of course raise considerably which I adjusted. Didn’t get pics tomorrow is a cloning day so will possibly snap some pics of veg unit and roots then


at the beginning of the thread, you had two pics of them early in the grow of the roots starting. one pic had alot more roots then the other


@Donaldj .when the roots are starting it grab the air stone i simply find and disconnect the air stone, remove the 1/4 tubing reattach stone and place back underneath the roots till they get over massed then i cut the access off . ad 1/4 -1/2 strength nutes and my personnel favorite Botanicare hydrogaurd to the mix . no peroxide as itll kill the hydrogaurd enzymes . if you want you can add a small pinch. Mixed well first of Hormex rooting powder to the res . only a pinch to a 15 gal system … does this help ??



let me shed some light they grow into the channel under stones :wink: not just wrap my airlines and since I transfer from 12 gal res to a 24 gal for flower they end up damaged during transfer if I give them a trim and transfer after recovery they don’t get shocked at onset of flower is the hope


Just call it root envy since you get awesome roots on your ladies though admittedly I transfer clones early and with less than 5 weeks from cuttings to flower I am looking for any boost they can get which isn’t going to kill my wallet lmao


@Donaldj yes i understand that the stone get grown it the mass …was explaining how i remove mine .so what is the Question my board munching Friend ???
Hammer .


Lol not so much a question as a what’s your secret? low ppm rapid roots? b-vites? or just base nutes and hydrogaurd?
Let’s be honest so many products out there and usually it comes down to a very simple ppm or ph range which favors roots and the products are just hype


@Donaldj i use A/N this the Question . or am i still missing some thing .


Wow that interesting my wife is a diabetic
I will be doing some research on this thanks for bringing this to my attention @Traumamedic
I had know idea