DIY Bubble Cloner


@Allen13420 Thank you … and ian glad your off to a good start … Don’t forget , ilke using Hydroguard , Ittl really make a big Diff . …good luck keep us posted as to your progress … :sunglasses: Hammer .


This is exactly why I started the thread, in the hopes that I would be able to help someone else!

I’m so happy to see that you’re cloning with success @Allen13420, thank you so much for the shout out! I really appreciate the kind words dude! :v:


What a great thread. Iv just quickly gone through and wow. Great info ppl.
@ktreez420 great clones. Great bubbler.
Well done.
I do mine a little different but plz keep your eye on my post. Id like your advice throughout my grow.


I’d like to thank @Hammer for this very important cloning recipe :+1::+1::+1::v:


You never showed us the hair cut… :wink: :imp:
I know it works without killing them , I’ve been doing it alot lately :smiling_imp: … I’m new to hydro but I ain’t scared to try different things… might want to ask you some questions in the future because I don’t think I’m feeding them enough… will bug you later…



Has anyone talk to @ktreez420 very good man after his diagnosis haven’t heard anything more from him if anyone speaks with him tell him we’re thinking about him


Crazy that you say that , I was thinking the same thing… hope he’s ok…



He was the very first person that I talk to on the site he hit me up before the moderators got a chance and that was within five minutes when they get got in contact with me he’s a good cat he helped a lot very smart individual


Yeah he was really cool and always gave good advice …the last thing I heard about him saying anything was something about he found out he had been diagnosed with diabetes I think… which was crazy because he said he never has no history or knew anything about it and was in really good shape… I sure hope the boys okay… i never like to hear people having ill-will…



My son was diagnosed six years old with type one diabetes and is been an insulin-dependent her five years it’s crazy man as long as you keep up with it it’s a disease you can live a regular life but it is crazy also no history on either side of our family of type one or type two diabetes the doctor say you can on much catch it like a freaking cold nowadays crazy


Yeah sorry to hear that my man , I don’t know , to me I think that a lot of the problems we have now a days are due to the processed foods that we eat , the contaminated water that we drink , the polluted air that we breathe and just all the unnatural things that we do… wish we could all go back to the old days where we were in horses and Buggies and took care of farms and family … it’s hard to find people that see it that way , because they can’t respect , nor do they care for A Hard Day’s Work … :rage: too bad though cuz I think that’s what’s tearing us down as a society… but anyway I sure hope he’s okay and I wish you and your family best wishes brother…



I’ m with you two I miss Ktrez420 too like you @Hogmaster he was one of the first guys I talk with when I joined this forum and I also hope he’s ok. :worried:


@Hogmaster , Prior to my mom’s passing in sept . she became type 2 after a big go round with some very heavy duty Antibiotics . hope this helps you in some ways . I wish you and yours the very best in dealing with this very terrible affliction . My sincere sympathy’s
Hammer .


Means a lot thanks


Being a Medic for 12 yrs, I’ve had the opportunity to study a lot of alternative medicines… including CBD, and THC.

2 years ago my partner developed type 2 diabetes.
Together we made some Cannabis oil high in CBD almost 20%, with a THC content of around 5%.
The Strain we made it with was called Supreme CBD Durban.

The does he took was one full gram every day. He took half a gram in the morning, and half a gram at night.
1 gram - 1 milliliter

5 months later he no longer has type 2 diabetes.

Unlike insulin and other existing medications for diabetes, CBD may actually suppress, reverse and perhaps cure the disease.

Just thought this information might help somebody.

Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes

Do you know any other studies for type one diabetic’s


What exactly do you mean?


I didn’t go to the site yet now that I finally read it I was just curious if any of it has been working for a type one diabetic


Hey @ktreez420 what’s up my man… what happened to you… you had us worried :fearful:
Glad to see that your still kicken…



It means so much to read the posts you guys have made on my behalf! Thank you for caring, I appreciate the kind words more than words can explain! You guys are awesome! I’m doing great, just went through a lot in a short period of time, plus work and holidays kept me busy. My birthday was this past Sunday, and February 16th I’ll be traveling to New Delhi, India for 9 days to be apart of a traditional wedding. I’m so excited! Also, go new strains starting up and getting excited to get back into the mix of everything! Man have I missed you guys! I hope everyone is doing great, it’ll take me a couple days buy I’ll be sure to try my best and get caught up with everyone!