DIY Bubble Cloner


@ktreez do you want verbatim ??? or basicis ??? as the terminator said …(I HAVE DETAILED FILES ) LOLOL Hammer .


verbatim please. I like to learn, so teach me master Jedi! But I’m not a newbie so you don’t have to be too technical with everything. All info and advice is greatly appreciated!


@ktreez 420 here’s what iam gonna do .give me an hour .my notes on puter are behind ,got to go to GR to grab them .so you have start to finish … notes …Be back in it takes to smoke 2 spiffs LOL. or you coud go green on ur toenails LMAO …couldn’t resist keep seeing them in picts … Hammer , BRB


Lmao yes I did find it and wow amazing! I want to learn…teach us oh great one!

     here you go  ..And this is only the last batch .  Seriously ,,they all just looked like  nails to me :sunglasses:  Hammer

                                                Products used .hormex rooting powder .Advance Nutriants  connisoure line  
                                                    botanni care silica .A&N B-52. GH PH up&down 
   Borderiner EXTRM, SuperSiverHaze,RainbowKush        
  solution 7 Gallons
  connisuer Grow A&B 26ml
  7.5ml B-52
  10ml rootpowder
  ppm 345 added more  H2O lowered ppm to 250
  PH 5.8 used 5 drippers to acheive 

  PLANT SPRAY 2 drops A&B  PH 6.7

  PH start 6.0 added down  to 5.8 PH
  note no sign of roots 
  15ml rooting powder

  PH 6.2 added down 5.7

  PH 5.9 added down  to 5.8

  PH 6.1 added 5.8

    PH 6.8 start 5.7 finish 
    PPM 285
    10ml Grow A&B 
    5ml B-52
    15ml Hydroguard
    10ml silica
  NOTE, roots showing 32"-16th" long  the stocks are "STUDDED"  with them ...
    more than normally  ..Regeme or R.O.water or both . took picts ..

  PH 6.2start  add DWN //fin 5.8 
NOTE roots now 2" long ..

 PH 6.0 ad dwn  fin,5.7 
   10ml A&B Grow 
   10ml Hydrogaurd 
   5ml Silica

   PH 5.8

   PH 6.1 // fin,5.7   //PPM 420
   PH 5.9  // PPM 400 
   PH 6.0 //fin,5.8

      7-6-10  WATER CHANGE.
  NOTE, kept Borderliner EXTRM,and Rainbow Kush for mother's .
   PH,6.2 //fin 5.8   // PPM ,fin 775
   90ml A&B
   15 silica
   80ml Hydro gaurd
   20ml B-52

   PH 6.0 //fin 5.8

   PH 6.0 //fin5.8
   PH 5.9

      7-11-16 WATER CHANGE 
   25ml A&B 
   5ml B-52
   6ml HYOX  peroxide

   PH 6.1  // PPM 295

   PH 5.7 ,,  NOTE, added ro water to bring up ph and water level 

      7-17-16  WATER CHANGE 
   30ml A&B  
   45ml  hydrogaurd 
   7.5ml B-52

   PH 6.1 // PPM 250

   PH 6.0


     7-25-16  WATER CHANGE  NOTE, added strawberry Kush seedling . and lowered the PPM..
   PH 6.1 
   20ml A&B
   30ml Hydrogaurd

   60ml hydrogaurd
   PH 5.8  //PPM 50 
   10ml A&B 
     8-2-16  WATER CHANGE
   30ml A&B
   30ml hydrogaurd


@ktreez420 do you see the reason i asked about which way first?? this method you picked and i liked the best uses light nutes although cloning . and will add one exter week ,but yeilds a healthier plant and root system …the first is easer i use 2 table spoons in 7 gallons .and change it every 7 days No PH ing And itll be about 4.5 PH.But will force it to root fast… As soon as they start to swell, the stem, and get 1/4 inch roots . Flush the system and rince off roots "lightly. then feed lightly And PH as normal… Hammer


We’ll since I don’t have the nutrients you used, could you explain the other way you do it, with no nutrients and no pHing, please. I’d appreciate it!


:sunglasses: Hammer


2 tbsp of what nutrient? The rooting powder?


@ktreez420 see my edit above … does this help…??? Hammer .:slight_smile:


Just ordered some rooting powder! I bought the hormex stuff, but tomorrow I’m going to go to Home Depot and grab some Bonide Rooting Powder. I have rooting gel, could I use some of that @hammer?


Don’t use the gel !!! its designed to not Rince Off …IN other words ot wont mix well with water…Now Back to doing it with nutes …The rule of thumb is NO nutes until roots have established them selves …but i saw where my nutes said clone’s and seedlings feed at 2ml per liter .and thought what the heck …i had plenty of time .so i did the experiment with nutes …and one more , with out rooting powder or nutes …they were dead within 12 days. No sign of roots …Just brown slime … same temps of water,75-78f… the rooting powder has a fungicide in it … the next i want to try with this is " Liquid Karma" … This is a product that MR. Latewood likes very much .and i want to play with in my hydro…Hammer.


How much is the nutes cut back from a normal dose?.. I use foxfarms nutes (grow big, and kangaroots) just wonder about how much to cut them back. I want to experiment both ways you are talking about. And with putting the rooting powder directly into the water there is no real need to dip the stalk into the powder or do you still do this and also what is the lighting 18/6, or 20/4 and wattage used?


I’ve been very curious about Liquid Karma! Everyone that says they use it just say that they use it lol, nobody really goes into details about when or why their using LK other than because it’s a nutrient that’s supposed to help obviously.


:grin: i think the Druids used it to .:stuck_out_tongue: LOLOL …ive spoke to latewood about it a fair some .i like the idea that it helps, and is kinda universal in its usability. Its why i want to try it in dwc cloning . If i change one component at a time… And record text and picts with time stamp , i build up acknowledge base … …i used to keep notes on all grows …But when done, destroy them …Now i live in A Medi & Rec state …sooo i use notes ,and keep ,picts… .mind slipps as you age .haha . plus if i can get good picts . once a week .same place .same height. angle. Ect . then decide to see What an item like LK will do at …maybe add 600 ppm .then take pict first …add the (you add item ) and wait a day if you see nothing wait 48 hrs all total and take a pict. … In 2 1/2 --3 months preview them. Type of thing …lol … its easy to see the differences side by side…Hammer


@ktreez420 here’s something you mite like to see…i think it was you that asked about the size of buckets ?? and i said id like to have 8-9 gallon buckets …Here the why …i had to wait to show all a RAEL DWC Root Ball this is 33 days later after this clone was planted in the buckets …the to strains are Borderliner EXTRM and Rainbow kush . the mess pots are 6" and the root mass is filling the buckets to the point or displacing water… in one more month at most ,I’ll demonstrate some thing MOST would not Do … Ill give them roots a severe Hair cut … and itll not kill them either LOL LOL Hammer.


Anybody have any experience with Clonex? I bought it on a recommendation from a local garden center. I tried it on house plants but failed miserably. I haven’t started growing anything yet. Waiting on seeds but getting a heck of an education beforehand thanks to you all.


I’d like to thank @ktreez420 and @Hammer for their info and help with the bubble cloner. Here is one 8 days in the cloner…

and this one is just 4 days… amazing going from getting just 1 or 2 off in 18 days to getting 90% in half the time… I now have clones running out the wazoo lol


I have used it with great success on everything but on Mary Jane… the best I have used myself is the hormex #8. It’s made more for woody bark plants like trees and shrubs. It also works really good on my fruit trees. Which the clonex did not.