DIY aeroponic grow boxes


it’s works thanks @Covertgrower I would of shot it in the garbage


You may be thinking of @Dumme, he was doing some


@Budbrother has one of those foggers. You need the float that keeps it at the top of the water I think.


Yea has to go part way in it’s fogging away no difference yet bubbler with fogger


Hey can u use this pump solar u mention in here can u use it for outside in the bush


Which pump @Lostscuba?



I building the titanic so I’m grabbing bunch and I want some stuff but u guys are .com amazon I’m dot ca I want to grab what I need but I don’t know what I need u know lost like usuall


Yes this will work for that application. @Lostscuba


Ok thanks again your my main sorce thanks for the help and I don’t need plug in it’s solar power or I don’t know