DIY aeroponic grow boxes


Would I be able to hook up reserve now so the water is moving more air I grabbed a long tube air thing works like air stone just gotta know what to do


Should be able to do it with one pump. @Lostscuba


Ok perfect I’m using a water jug it’s lts 15 liters so I put the pump in the Rez and pump it to both tubs


@Covertgrower it. Says this pump is submersible 1/9IP68 DC12V 5M 800L/H Ultra Quiet Brushless Motor Submersible Pool Water Pump


@Lostscuba it looks like the same one I have.


Lol I don’t want to be the one that tests it I’ll just use the others one would I ba able to use garden hose to attach my tubs together or what do need to attach them @peachfuzz


Do those rooter things work good with seeds


I use rapid rooters with great success @Lostscuba

General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter Replacement Plugs 50 count


I have had bad luck with those so far but did u start your journal?


I haven’t. Sorry about that. I just got a new phone and i had to get some things downloaded etc. I’ll be sure to tag you, I’ll try and get this done tomorrow if I get enough downtime. @Lostscuba


Ok sounds good have a good day I got my fogger today

does anyone know how it work should I put it in my veg room or in the bubbler @peachfuzz @Liljoe


I am unsure what a fogger is? Whats its purpose? Just air pump?


No you put it in water and it creates fogg i seen on here some used a fog bubbler to make clones but I’m thinking :thinking: I should put it in the veg room I can’t find they guy with fogger cloning system @peachfuzz


@bryan do you remember who was using a fogger system… I can remember his handle…
Thks brother… :wink:



His name is @MAXHeadRoom


No …
what your describing is called (fog ponics) …
@MAXHeadRoom uses (air ponics) …
Kinda the same , but still different…
Fog ponics uses even less water for the system…
I’m not a big fan of either … not because theres anything wrong with doing things that way…
But I just think theres to many things that can go wrong with those setups and I dont really have the time to monitor so many variables… :wink:


@peachfuzz no it was @MAXHeadRoom he has a fogger still for his cloning machine. Makes great roots still. @Lostscuba


Ya , theres also another person on here that hasn’t been around for awhile… but he was in the process of a patent on a setup he was working on… I’m pretty sure that , that’s where @MAXHeadRoom got the idea…
I just can’t remember his handle… :upside_down_face::crazy_face::exploding_head::grin:
But he was big time into fog ponics… :wink:


Dam thing doesn’t even work junk from China gonna use it to help the plants


@Lostscuba you sure? Has to be completely submerged.