DIY aeroponic grow boxes


@Covertgrower it very interesting I just bookmarked the thread off the post above I haven’t got to go over it yet but I will soon I love been able to go over all these experiences thanks for sharing bud :v:️, and I’m up to date on this one also great stuff.


Funny story… @Tylan and @dbrn32 when you have kids, distractions are of norm. I found this gem when my daughter asked me sit with her while she ate cereal. I left my rapid rooters out from my last germination project. Well good thing I did. Hopefully it’s a she, and she survives.
Unfortunately I’ve lost a few clones @merlin44 not sure why, everybody was treated the same, but, all of the GSC died. One has a faint pulse, and it’s kind alive. But don’t have much hope.


You deserve a break right? She needs a name!


Lol, at least I hope it’s a she…
Name the random seed:

  • Lucky
  • Skunky
  • Lanky
  • Best weed ever (BWE)

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the GSC???
ohhhh nooooooo!!!
what a loss @Covertgrower,


Yeah @BIGE I was as sad as you thought I was. These genetics are sketchy, and she was never a great producer anyways. My money is on the OG!


i’m growing a gsc auto now,she is doing well thus far!
OG sound great,i’m going to try one day!


It was definitely a favorite next to the GSC @BIGE highly recommended. Good producer as well. For me, it worked really great on my migraines. Be careful though, an experience became psychedelic last Christmas… most fun I ever had decorating a tree! Lmao! It was great!


Hahaha that’s awesome @Covertgrower! BWE was a no brainier choice for a name lol :grin:


some strains are harder to clone than others


Thanks @Donaldj I realize this. Still a disappointment none the less. I did adjust the spraying frequency to a little less. Ironically that’s a clone I gave someone, then I took clones from that one. So I cloned that strain twice! What gives!?? Lol


BWE it is then. Thanks to all who helped vote! It was my first poll. I’ll be sure to update any more changes.
@AmnesiaHaze @Kcdaniels @BIGE @GreenThunder @dbrn32 @merlin44 @SmoknGranny @raustin @Ron330


Hey You!
Happy anniversary!


yea al, happy anniversary pal!!!


U made this one too ?


Yes I did @Lostscuba


Nice wait tell u see I’m building it’s 6 foot tubbware locking top gonna be the bigger net pods so 6 inch cube can go in but look I Oder a pump this is what I get from Amazon

no plug in no nothing can this go under water probably get killed trying


To check your light with this it says moist light ph any clue how to use it


That is an inline pump… do not put it into the water… i repeat , do not put it into the water… hook 2 hoses up to it … one hose goes into resivor and other hose goes where you want to move the water too… :wink:

And that meter is only good for moisture checking in soil , if that… it works better as a paper weight… :wink:



Ok cuz my Canadian baubler has the one in the water so I’m almost got enough to do bucket system or u only need one pump todo it? Got any info on this I wanna make it outta my tubs