DIY aeroponic grow boxes


The wick affect seems to be what’s happening. I thought of trying also for a long tap root, just sticking it in the cloning collar with nothing else. There’s a toothpick sized hole, going to give that a try also. New hydro growing pains. It’ll go smoother next go around. Thanks for stopping by @MAXHeadRoom I really appreciate it.


I have been running mine for almost a year now and even on my 3rd grow, I am still learning. But the end results are well worth it. :sunglasses:


I think they will also. @MAXHeadRoom I know hydro they typically have rapid growth. I have even higher hopes for this form with more oxygen available to the roots. Too early to know for sure on my end. Lol
also, if I lose a seed, no big deal, I can start another. These are random seeds from a friend. Gave me a handful. Hybrid of herijuana, gdp, and skunk. But they’re regular seeds.


Seems legit to me.


@Johnzy81 not much action yet, but you can see what they’re growing in.


@Covertgrower I really appreciate you tagging me over to your thread thank you :+1:, I am going to have a read and catch up with and I’m set to Watching :v:️, I have falling behind a little Cluster Migraine very severe, il just take my time and enjoy the now experience and all the info nice one again mate.


Okay all. I might have gotten impatient, and asked the person I gave several clones to if they had enough for clones. The one seedling is still attempting to live, but it could male…
Let’s hope the this works, and all clones survive!
Let’s get this show on the road!
The clones are White Widow (back), Girl Scout Cookies (middle), and OG Kush (front), and the dome with random seed. If all survive some will have to live in soil.


Hope they finish before you move bro! Holler if you need me my dude


Thanks @MattyBear! I am hoping to to flip them early, and with a 55-60ish day something flowering time, I think I should be able to get them to finish. The GSC and OG especially. I’ll be sure to let you know the schedule.
The first day of cloning is always the most nerve racking. They start look a bit wilty. I bumped the cycle time shorter. Hoping they improve and give me roots.


Hope they root quickly for you. Me and wifey are smoking ATF at the moment. Plans with friends fell through so I haven’t been able to share the new smoke with anyone else yet.


Sit back and enjoy mate :v:️.


@Jump23man this is my current experimental grow. (but proven just new to me) Just got some clones going. I got impatient waiting on seeds to germinate. I have ILGM seeds, but I’m saving the genetics because this will be my last grow before relocating. Be sure to scroll up and check out what they’re growing in!


@Donaldj @bryan how often should I be changing the reservoir nutrient solution in hydroponic cloner? Pretty sure the clones depleted the nutrients per PPM reading.
Going to do it tonight, but some guidance as how often?

@merlin44 just wanted you to follow along since it had to deal with my clones. Pictures later tonight for you.


If clones root in 2-3 weeks, I would just add to it with nutes to top it off.


Thanks @bryan I did that on my lunch as a safeguard. Had to feed them something. Is it possible the nutrients missing have anything to do with a bit of wilt? They all seemed to be perky the next day, now they’re back to being a bit wilty. I’ve been foliar feeding as well, trying give them just a bit of nutrients.
I’ll check them again after work.


@merlin44 not the best looking, but here they are. Including the experimental seedling. I started it in a peat plug, then when it got big enough I removed it, I’m hoping it will survive with out any medium.


@Covertgrower how does that system work? Is it just for cloning? Did you come up with this?

Many questions…


I tagged you over to where I made this @merlin44 and for anyone else that stumbles upon this post, here’s the link:


great stuff @Covertgrower


Thanks @BIGE I think one flat lined this morning… I wasn’t fast enough with the crash cart!