DIY aeroponic grow boxes


@MAXHeadRoom I was very conflicted about the placement of the nozzles and how many. I attempted to engineer it so that it could be moved, or added to at any point in time. There’s enough reserve pressure in the system that it would have no issues with the added nozzles. The expansion tank holds about a gallon, so unless I can dump a gallon of water a spray then we will just get a bigger tank.
They are all in very shippable totes, that could happen!
Thanks for stopping by, And suggesting a few things. I’m always open for suggestions and modifications.


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@Covertgrower Nice Ride Bro


@Rick3 and @Flyr what gives you the idea I can fix any of these older vehicles? Lol.
Funny thing is I love cars, I remember people by vehicles, (why I dont know) but won’t forget you two now! I’ll be right over to give either of you a hand anytime. For a complete tear down to a simple repair. I love it all. It’s been awhile though.
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Ok, based on the diagram of “sexing” beans, pretty sure there’s some males in there. But we have more beans soaking in addition to the existing ones just in case they improve.
If this next run fails, I’ll have to try some beans from my grow.
All else fails, I do have ILGM beans… I’m sure those would sprout… :wink:


When are you moving? Do you have enough time to get a grow in?


@MAXHeadRoom excellent question. This is the main reason why I refuse to use my ILGM beans. I won’t have time for cloning, so random seeds it is. September is projected date, but could happen sooner.
If the grow gets finished, I don’t think carrying all of the harvest across multiple state lines would be wise… I’ll be giving it away. I think it will be close so I’ll probably flip them early in hopes of finishing.


i am rooting for you @Covertgrower, one for the road!!!


@BIGE one for the road might be the only way I can get Mrs. Covertgrower to drive that far. Lol!


Haha one for the road!!! Love it! Hope you have enough time buddy


@MattyBear She keeps saying we aren’t in a hurry. I suspect we will end up overnighting in the Seattle area. Lots to see, I’ve been there enough times that I don’t get lost there anymore. (Is that bad? Lol) Pikes place and the gum wall being first on the list. More than welcome to stop by when we get there. Bellingham of course is first. Ferry drop off… :wink:


Ok, so I got a few beans finally sprouted. I have them in the cloner box. I have a few more I’ll add soon from the seedling mat that I just started tonight if they sprout.
@MAXHeadRoom do you have any timer on/off setting recommended for seedlings/small plants? I’m currently at ON at 10 seconds OFF 30 mins.
I did my first PPM testing. My creek water was 33ppm and I added my nutrient line and got the PPM to about 88ppm. (Total) any suggestions on the PPM for for nutrients in hydro don’t hesitate to add a suggestion. Especially the hydro folks. This is all new to me. @Bogleg @3high5you
I had to squish the peat plug a little, I hope it’ll be ok.


I think ten seconds is too long. I run mine for three seconds every five minutes.


@3high5you your off time is 5 minutes?
Maybe I should change the off time from 30 minutes to a bit shorter. I can change it to I think 5 seconds. It’s a dial type I’ll have to see if I can change it to shorter.


Maybe try 5 seconds every 10 min?


Will do thanks @3high5you much appreciated.


For seedlings, I germinate them and then put them in a rockwool cube, then into a propagation tray until I see roots come out the bottom. Then I put them in my clone fogger until there roots are big enough to go into the aero systems.

Do you have roots that are showing?


@MAXHeadRoom not at this time. Just the tap root. I used peat plugs for propagation.


Also I have dialed the timer back to 1 hour off, the peat plugs seem too wet. @MAXHeadRoom @3high5you @dbrn32


I have never done it this way but I hope it works out for you. My only concern is getting water to your root zone. Right now you have the wick effect which may be OK. I just don’t know, but I hope it works