DIY aeroponic grow boxes


Thanks for the tag. I will be watching. I have never seen this done.


Hell of a gadget you got there


Hey thanks for the tag :grinning:
Will be watching this system as it progresses…I had plan on trying A Smartpot my Next grow… But this looks interesting :grinning:


Very nice. This I can get behind. Set to watching. Thanks for the tag!


@SmoknGranny I squeezed most of the water out, and two popped in 24 hours but never amounted to anything more than that. These are less than quality seeds. Random bag seeds from friends collected and stored in who knows what kind of conditions.
Thanks @Sirsmokes from what I’ve read it grows really well, and if you look on YouTube there are a few grows that are a system just like mine. High pressure aeroponic.
Thanks @dbrn32 you know I’ve been cooking this up for awhile, just been trying put it together.
Thanks @Tylan I was hoping to have it in use, but my beans didn’t make it.
Thanks @Smokin_ernie
@MattyBear always room for improvement somewhere. I’m always open for comments and suggestions if you or anyone has any.
@peachfuzz that is something I am concerned about, and I have several totes of various sizes to solve that. The spraying schedule is once every hour, and uses very little when it does. You don’t want saturated roots, just lightly moisturized. I hope this uses less, but hey, it’s a variable, and I really do appreciate you pointing this out, as I’m new to hydroponics in general.


very nice @Covertgrower


Can’t wait to see this in action. Great job.


Thanks for the info. :hugs:


That looks like a big pain in the ass but I know people love them you got this buddy my next adventure will be AquaPonics :wink: to good growing good growth and goood meds :pig_nose:


@Hogmaster Has Brought Up Another Major Issue With HAVEING To Clean All Of Those Lil Parts… :wink:
I know how many things you have to clean in a system like that… but you want to be as close to medical grade cleaning on these systems as possible. … :wink:
I’m cleaning my butt off constantly… :wink: and my systems are no where near as advanced as these… :wink:

as well as my own… I know all to well… :wink:
I think in the end you will look for a simpler way to grow… :wink:
I’ll be here for you… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Congratulations. Thank you for the tag. Good luck and I am excited to see how this goes!


@peachfuzz maybe you could give me some direction on what products to use for cleaning? The general hydroponics florakleen used for that?
I’ve designed so it’s very easily flushed with a valve at the end of all runs. Thanks for bringing that up.

EDIT: I guess bleach water rinse is good enough. And scrubbing of the boxes. Anything extra beyond that?


I’m watching @Covertgrower. Thanks for the tag and good luck.


Thanks @mulegal I’m hoping I have better luck with beans soon. I need to get these things going!


Thanks for the tag. I always like reading about new stuff.


I rinse and scrub everything down with hot water and then repeat with hydrogen peroxide 3% … seems to work for me just fine… bleach will leave a residue that’s hard to wash away… :wink:
I wouldn’t recommend it for cleaning anything inside your system , just the tent and walls of your grow room and things like that… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


@Covertgrower Thanks for the Tag
Very Nice system



I’m in board too , love the DIY :wink::+1::ok_hand:, thanks for the tag buddy :grinning: :+1:

Great suggestion by @peachfuzz for cleaning the sprayers… :wink::grinning::+1::ok_hand:


@Covertgrower, Or should it be McGyver? I’m going to try and recruit you when it comes time to putting my 53 Willy’s Truck back together. You definitely have that Midas Touch. What a great set up.


Very true! At peak flower 2 plants in my system will drink 1 GALLON A DAY!!! These systems need a lot more attention then most grow styles, but the size and quality of weed is worth it :rofl:

This is a very nice setup @Covertgrower But I have a few concerns about your design.

  1. With the misters in the bottom of the unit. This will work until your roots grow to big. I have actually tried this and had to remove them at the end of the grow. Spraying from the side is better.
  2. 4 misters per unit may not be enough. You may want to consider adding 2 misters on each end.
    Besides those two things your design is better then mine.

So Fed Ex the whole unit to MI and I will get them going for you. LOL :sunglasses: