DIY aeroponic grow boxes


Hey everyone, I’m sure all of you knew I was cooking up something and here it is. I had hoped to have something to throw in these soon, but only two beans popped, but never went beyond that.
Down to what’s happening.
So the pump is a shurflo pump, their pump line up is extensive, and many of their pumps in the 8000 series would be capable of doing this system. This pump does 1.5 GPM, and shuts off at 120PSI. More than adequate even if I added more boxes/nozzles. There are 4 misters per box. Each box has a valve that can be opened to flush the lines and nutrients from the lines. Also note in a diagram that the main line makes a complete circle throughout the system for even adequate pressure. This was modeled after irrigation plans for yards with landscaping. It’s the way those are designed too.
The pump is capable of pumping air into the system for a mostly empty system. (Or you can use your mouth)
In the demonstration I did not have the drain system set up yet, waiting on local store for thin wall 1/2” irrigation tubing. I did get a very affordable pump to return back to the reservoir. (Reservoir not shown) I used a gallon jug temporarily. I had an expansion tank laying around, and used it. This is optional, but for the best pump wear, and smooth running I recommend it. The electric selonoid valve is normally closed, until power is on, then is powered open and allows the sprayers to be activated. This is on a timer, and the pump is on continuous. If anyone has a well providing water, this is a good comparison.

Most of these things I got off of amazon. Remote location, so these prices will be higher than what you can get them for probably.
The 27 gallon totes I got from the local hardware on sale for $11.99
I spent an additional $75 in fittings to attach to the pump, and various brass Tee’s to attach to the valve. Yours probably would much more affordable.
I sourced computer power supply cords for wiring of the pumps and valves. Cut the ends off and used wire nuts.
This system uses significantly less water than a DWC style system. This will be a system in working progress, and I’ll be sure to update often. I’ll make a separate grow thread as soon as I find more beans that will cooperate.

ATP Value-Tube LDPE Plastic Tubing, Natural, 1/8" ID x 1/4" OD, 100 feet Length

ATP IMBIBE NSF 61 Polyethylene Plastic Tubing, White, 1/4" ID x 3/8" OD, 100 feet Length

Shurflo 8000-812-288 Pump

bayite BYT-7A015 DC 12V Solar Hot Water Heater Circulation Pump with DC Power Supply Adapter Low Noise 3M Head 8LPM 2.1GPM

BACOENG 3/8" AC110V Electric Solenoid Valve (NPT, Brass, Normally Closed)

1/4" Slip-Lok Misting Nozzle Tees W/ Plug for Patio Cooling System 10/24 UNC

Brass Misting Nozzles For Outdoor Cooling System 22 pcs ,0.012" Orifice (0.3 mm) 10/24 UNC By Aootech

Hydrofarm HGGR50 Rubber Grommet (25 Pack), 1/2"

Century Short Period Repeat Cycle Timer Day/night, or 24 Hours Operation

MALIDA 3/8" Tube to 1/4" Tube push fit straight quick connect for RO water system (Pack of 10)

Cz Garden Supply 25 pack - 4 inch Round HEAVY DUTY Net Cups Pots WIDE LIP Design - Orchids • Aquaponics • Aquaculture • Hydroponics Slotted Mesh by (4 inch Cz All Star Net Pots - Black)

Cz Garden Supply 25 pack Cloning Collars fit 4 inch Round HEAVY DUTY Net Cups Pots WIDE LIP Design - Orchids • Aquaponics • Aquaculture • Hydroponics Slotted Mesh by (25 Cloning Collars)

Pentek BPHE-410-5 High Efficiency Filter Bag














My apologies if anyone was missed! Enjoy!


That’s insane friend. Can’t wait to see this baby perform.


When will it operable?


Damm bro that’s bad @$$


@Happy_Pappy it is technically operable. I attempted random bag seeds to throw in, but they popped and never grew beyond that. I have ILGM beans, but because of relocation time constraints, I would be unable to continue cloning the genetics. As soon as I find some more seeds, I will have something to throw in here.
Thanks @Sirsmokes @MAXHeadRoom deserves the full credit for this style of growing. He inspired me, and I just made it a little bit bigger.


Bean FAIL…


Don’t matter who inspired it you pulled it off bro nice


Too much moisture in the paper towel? I’m asking as I’m going to try germination soon … like this week :blush:


Shits about to get real haha! Nice work bro


Nice man!!! I can’t wait to watch this in action.


Just switched to watching. Going to be epic


Loving the set up dude!


Extremely nice build… my main concern with these airoponic systems is the fact of how much water is in the system… I run 6 plants in a rdwc tote that holds 17 gallons of water when it’s full and my plants can drink 16 gallons in 3 days… I would assume that you really need to watch your water level in these systems… :wink:
Just something to consider… :wink:
:v: :sunglasses: