DIY 70 cloner build

Here is a 70 cloner setup with a mix of a DWC setup and Fogponics setup. Cost was under $100 ( including purchase of 1-7/8” hole saw and 20 watt air pump). The pump allows for 2-3 more cloner setups. If anyone is interested in items list, just ask.


Have you had it filled up yet? Wondering how the lid does with supporting the weight.


Dang u beat me to it. Was gonna ask the same thing hows the weight issue filled. Does it bow alot and want to cave in. Im sure u can come up with an idea to sptop that if u want with some bamboo and a couple.zipties running across the center from side to side. To supprt the center. Nice job tho. Whats the circle metal things one is white one is stainless it looks then the airstones.

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Why bubble instead of spray? The sprayers would’ve ran you less money and are considered superior to bubbleponics. Altho I’ve never had a clone not take with just honey tea and soil… so ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Holds well, due to only having to fill the bucket up about half way with water. The water level you see in the bucket is basically the height at which it will be at the end. Maybe another half inch high. The bubblers are just there for when the roots reach the water level, for that DWC feel. The real magic comes from the foggers. I have them run for an hour off for 30 minutes on for 30 then off again for 30, repeating on timer. The clones sit well on top and though it gets crowded, 85-100% take. The reason I have trouble sometimes is because I’m lazy when it comes to cloning :joy::joy::joy:.

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I just like my cloner set up, depending on the strain I’ve had route start popping out of the ends within three or four days, and my tough strains at most 10 days

Those are my foggers/atomizers. Fogponics seem to get me clones quicker then the pump and spray method. I also only run that pump at a seven watt Output since it’s adjustable. Wanted to get one of those because I’m looking to expand into two or three more cloners

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What are you using for fogger/atomizers?

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Agptek aluminum mini mist atomizers

Terrific, thanks. So, bottom line is

  • Bin
  • Air pump & air stones (2?)
  • Agptek atomizers (2?)
  • Baskets & media

I imagine if I’m making a smaller one (smaller bin), then one air stone and one atomizer might be fine.

Are you using the floating thingies, the “Mist Maker Float”?
Are you using nutrients at all? Which?

Make sure the air stone allows bubbles to make it to each side of the bucket. It’s better to over estimate than to under estimate so as to not have a lack of air concentration in your water.

I’m using CloneX clone solution and I set the atomizer on the bottom of the bucket. If you find that they are too deep to fog properly, I find that a flat clean stone (like granite) works well as a spacer.

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