Distilled or no?

This is probably a dumb question but I have to ask how do I use it do I add anything to it or leave it alone and rely on the nutrients in my soil?

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I think you do. Especially Cal-Mg will probably be one you will need to add due it being distilled water. If you can, it’s better to have a filter thing on the tap. The place be I use is good for taking out chlorine.

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Distilled water is pretty much just water. No minerals, no nothing.

For our purposes it’s great. You don’t have to worry about chlorine, fluoride, chloramine etc. You also don’t have to worry about pH when you water because it adapts to whatever your soil pH is. Literally just water and go.

You do have to pH if you add nutes. That doesn’t change.

The only real drawbacks are cost and having to add calcium and magnesium.

I use reverse osmosis water (RO). It’s pretty much the same thing as distilled. If you find yourself spending a mint on distilled water get a simple RO unit. I have the RO buddy. Cheap, easy setup, and reliable.


Waiting on my RO system to come in now. My hard well water is obviously causing issues. (I think you pointed out that it could be causing lock out). Here’s to one more issue solved and soon to be checked off the list!


I have well water also, crazy high in nitrogen which works exceptionally well in veg if you add some micro and cal/mag.

Recently I invested in a ro system and still working out the change. It’s nice to know what’s in the water but it’s been difficult to stabilize


Our water is so hard it’s driving the ph up in the soil and locking out the magnesium…I believe…I hope

Cal/mag is usually taken in better at a higher ph. 6.5-7

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I have a bucket under my window unit ac catching water.(distilled?) I use that to water plants. So far I have no adverse effects. When I use it, (plain or with nutes) I always have to up the ph a bit. Is this bad or good has anyone else tried this?

AC condensation is basically rain water. It’s just atmospheric water removed by the system.

I have thought about this for a while now and finally decided to do some research. While most people agree that it is basically DW, there are some areas of concern.

Since I am new, not sure if I can post from other websites? I will not put the direct link but rather quote one place with a slight caution:

"Dehumidifier and air conditioner condensate is not considered potable, as it can easily contain bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that can build up in the pipes or condensate bucket. Likewise it may contain trace metals leaching from the metal parts of the condenser. Also, the air in our homes is often highly polluted and some of the undesirable air particles are likely to find their way into the condensate. So, for all these reasons, you definitely won’t want to drink it. Besides, condensate is demineralized, something I discuss below, and demineralized water has a flat taste most people don’t appreciate.

That said, dehumidifier and air conditioner condensate is not so contaminated that it can not be used for other purposes. It is considered to be “gray water”: water that insufficiently pure for human consumption, but that doesn’t require any special treatment to be used for other purposes.

Thirsty Plants

One obvious way of using condensate is for watering plants. Still, it is probably best to avoid using it on edible plants. Admittedly, the risk of contamination is minimal, especially if you apply the water to the soil, where microbes will quickly decontaminate it, rather than to foliage, and if you also rinse your plants before consuming them, but still, why take a chance? There are countless other types of plants you can safely water with condensate and that won’t end up in your plate: flower garden plants, container plants, houseplants, shrubs, trees, lawns, etc."

From “laidbackgardener.blog”

General consensus, safe to use for plants, but be cautious using on edibles. I use mine to water my rose bushes. They have not shown any adverse sings.

Hope this helps.

Happy growing.