Distance of 400w led grow light from seedlings using humidity dome

I have placed my led grow light around 28 inches above from pma t and using a plastic humidity dome also, is it good or should i lift my lights up

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I’m going to drop this link here Using DLI.

This guide will help you to figure out how to measure your light - using the Photone app on your cell phone. There is a good explanation of the light needed for the different stages. It was suggested to me on my first grow, and I found out I was using way to much light for the stage my plant was in.

Good luck!

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Is it at full power? Might want to go like 50% or less for the seedlings. I built a little germ box for my seedlings and clones with a small florescent light. I’ll move them to the full spec led for the rest of its life once in veg.

Also that’s a good read that @Fiz pointed out. Im reading through it now and understanding why my last harvest had its foxtail thing.

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