Dispensary in Jacksonville Fla

Does anyone know of a dispensary in Jacksonville Florida that accepts out of state MMJ cards? Looks like I will be headed there in the coming days for family reasons. Thanks in advance.

I don’t believe that Florida allows that. @Sl1 I looked online but everything I found said Florida doesn’t allow out of staters.

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Saw that too but have run across posts on mmj sites saying some do … so thought it couldn’t hurt to ask if anyone local to St Aug/Jacksonville had any beta on that…guess I could take dose nugs in my checked

I have relation in that area, but not cannabis friendly so I’m striking out for ya. @FloridaSon is the only regular from Fla, as far as I can recall.


@Sl1 Found the following online. Had the same issue when I went to see my sister in VA. Only state that reciprocates RI lic is ME. I’m not a smoker as I’m a wimp so I do edibles or vape. My flower ends up infused in butter, coconut oil, or honey etc. With the coconut oil I have made capsules to use when I travel - Less odor and in a perscription bottle stored in my make-up bag. I also will get concentrated cannabis oil from my dispensary and make hard candies that travel well. I can get you the recipe if you want it.

Kinda sucks that you could bring all your opioids or get them refilled wherever but not this medicine. They make you feel like a criminal instead. Good luck and safe travels~ AB

If you are a patient registered in another state, your recommendation is not valid in Florida. Several states do offer reciprocity.

If you have a pharmaceutical prescription and need a refill while on vacation, most people don’t think twice. They stop by the nearest nationwide pharmacy and likely walk out with their medicine. What is legal in your state is legal in another state. That is the law of reciprocity.

While 23 states provide allowances for patients using cannabis don’t look for the law of reciprocity to apply to cannabis. With a few exceptions, patients cannot travel to another state and be protected from prosecution.

Even among states that allow for legal use of cannabis different rules apply. Arizona, Montana and Michigan have reciprocity in their medical marijuana laws. Maine allows out-of-state patients to use this medicine for 30 days. Rhode Island respects out-of-state recommendations for any “debilitating medical condition” and Vermont allows recommendations from neighboring states for Vermont residents only.States offer reciprocity for most things - what is legal in one state is recognized as legal in the next state - it helps citizens avoid legal trouble when crossing state lines.

As states adopted medical marijuana rules, reciprocity was not a top priority. Since 2010 patients have demanded reciprocity be included in the legislation. Arizona, Delaware, Maine, Nevada, and New Hampshire offer some sort of protection for patients with conditions that qualify under their state laws. In most cases, the state still requires that the patient apply for and obtain a state registration card before they can purchase cannabis from a licensed dispensary. New Hampshire and Arizona will recognize the patients ID card as legal protection from prosecution but patients must bring their own medicine into the state in violation of Federal laws.


That sounds like the article I read too. I’m also traveling to Florida in the future and I’m concerned about bringing anything containing MJ to the airport.

Maybe hard candies or something. I have to give this some thought…

@Sl1 @AnneBonny

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Yes, read that also. Thanks though.

I would still be sketchy… I’ve never been able to produce anything out of cannabis and not have it still smell like cannabis… :wink:
Good luck fellow cultivators…

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Candy is super easy to make and I use cinnamon flavoring because it’s strong. I would medicate as needed when at my sister’s in VA and no one knew I wasn’t eating just a regular hard candy. All they could smell was the cinnamon. Let me know if you want the recipe.

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@AnneBonny there is a recipe thread here
Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes

Please add to it!:yum:


Perfect! I didn’t know that. I’m still poking around on here. I will post the candy an small batch peanut butter cookies.

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Thanks I was looking for it too @Sl1. Lol and I was the last one that posted on it. Oh boy yeah have another dose Bob…

There are a couple others that I know of.

I don’t know anything about the dispensary locations or regulations. I’m more into growing my own.

I don’t have a doctor, so getting a prescription would be more involved than I’m willing to deal with. Plus I just found out that smoking isn’t considered a sanctioned delivery method, which means I’d still be illegal.

Sorry I couldn’t help…