Disinfecting with Ozone

Has anyone disinfected their tent with Ozone before? I’ve had some mold issues, and there was mold in the tent in my last grow. I was thinking of giving it another go, but want to make sure I get the mold out before restarting, and don’t want to buy a new tent.

Also I have a wedryer, and some of the weed that was dried in it had mold - llike a month or 2 ago.

So if I get an ozone machine, it will disinfect the tent and wedryer? Can I run ozone in the tent from tine to time to keep the mold away?

It’s humid all freaking summer here.

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The best way to avoid mold is to have good airflow. Ozone machines can be dangerous. It would likely be better to address humidity issues with a dehumidifier and airflow. Dehumidifiers add heat to the environment, so good airflow is a really good thing all around.


I agree with @MidwestGuy . It’s better to prevent the issue with proper ventilation, air flow inside the tent, intake (lung room/area) of tent be under 60% humidity. It’s easier and safer to use a dehumidifier and prevent it in the future than to use an ozone machine to attempt to fix it. Which you’ll have to ozone the entire lung room meaning you can’t enter it during, have to attempt to seal it too.

Most growers just mist their entire tents with h2o2 (peroxide) and wipe it away between grows. Disinfects well. H2o2 is also used for bud wash. If you encounter any pests during grow.


Hi yea ozone is very interesting, I use mine which I call “the daisy cutter” at the end of every cycle but I have a wooden box that use to be an Avery for birds . Personally not much goes past a good h202 mix of 3-6% first , as both these good fullas mentioned ozone is very dangerous ( depending on the machine delivering it obviously) it can cause blindness, it will destroy lung tissue, long term does effect galvanised metals , I also remove lights (silver and gold can be effected apparently but I’m not sure enough to risk) . I run it off a timer , 10 mins on 1 hour off x4 then I don’t go near the shed for about 4 hours. Have sent my cutter to a friend , she has used it to combat an infestation of spider mites which H202 while effective at halting the breeding to a point , the infestation was more widespread than just the tent . She did the 10 min trick in tent then outside in lung room over a 2 day period , time will tell if it’s work , but again you do not want to be anywhere near it and that includes fish and pets !


Oh also , after using it for a few years and rolling through various forms of bug control I know have a few families of skinks living in my tank and lung room ( my bug control) ( and they are way way way better than bio bugs!) I no longer use it or they would die , 2nd indoor grow with the lizards but mate nothing crawly or flyie survives to procreate;) and I love less protein in my buds

Should try jacks dead bug for mites (spinosad), well, your friend should.

Yea that won’t get past nz customs , there are a lot of available sprays obviously, and depending on where the plants are in there life cycle , and no one would spray other than a 3% spray on near finished buds would they? Anyways there are folk that use ozone with plants inside tent/tank , essentially taking plants quickly into the atmosphere very quickly without the snap freeze, mites can breed past sprays and become somewhat resilient, anyways ozone machines have there place .