Dish Soap Might of Killed my plant

Hey guys so I know this will probably sound crazy. I should of trusted my gut but I read online that soap and water should kill the bugs on my plant but i guess the ratio was wrong so it killed my plant. Well i think so anyway. Im just wondering what should I do at this point. Will it recover or is she a lost cause? This actually happend 3 days ago. I probably shouldnt of done it during the day while the sun was directly on it too but once i sprayed it was damaged within like 2 hours

Dish soap is a detergent and is designed to strip oils and waxes. Not something you want stripped off your plant. Insecticidal soap is a true soap, not a detergent.

So is my plant a lost cause at this point or should i just keep watering when needed like im doing now? Im also holding off on nutes unil it recovers if it even will

If it’s an auto, trash it. If it’s a photo, see if it’ll bounce back. They are resilient so you never know

It was a random bag seed. Probably photo

Random seed. No big fuss. Let her grow out of it. Dont waste nutes yet.

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Neem oil organic safe to use

Should I cut the dead leaves? Or leave them

This is true. Sorry lost the post. Tag people you want help from or to show things like @JraycoGrow just @ then the name. Sends a notification

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So i cut off all my damaged leaves even though i was told not to because just watching it it seemed to not be growing anymore so I cut them and let it grow just watering when needed and this is the result today. I also had topped the plant before it had got damaged
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Looking better…

Does it look good to have been topped? This is my first time doing everything lol and when should i be able to top again? I was thinking about mainlining too

Generally you gotta wait a couple weeks until you got some nodes. I would wait a few weeks and start lst.

Ok thank you

And when should i be able to add nutes again

How long has she been in that soil? And what kind is it again? I wouldnt be in a rush. She’s delicate. Looks much better tho.

And mainlining, id wait to attempt. If ur questioning when to top (while she has yet to recover basically) you arent ready :joy:. Mainlining is a slow drawn out vegging technique that relies heavily on timing. Go check out @Arrow’s thread. He is doing it beautifully.

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Present…will help if I can…:sunglasses::v:

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Ok so here she is now. I had originally topped the plant so there would be two main stems but my cat got a hold of it n snapped one of the mainstems. I tried to use tape to hold it together to see if it would come back and by the next morning the leaves on the stem had turned brown and shriveled. Im worried that my plant isnt growing properly as well. I planted this June 9th. Im sure it should be bigger @SKORPION @PurpNGold74 @arrow


Welcome to the forum brother…give us something to work with…strain, lights, tent…etc etc…and I’m sure you will have some great input…:sunglasses::v:

@Arrow its a Random bag seed in plastic 5-gal pot in FFOF. Its been outside and i bring it in at night and when it rains ill usually put it in the window so it still gets atleast some light. Ive also been using FF 3- pack Nutrients but ive used once